Putting what you know into practice

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On Monday the 23rd of January we will welcome our newest trainer to join the growing M10 team.

I first met with Lucas Sheehan when he contacted me for a private internship back in September. Lucas wanted to develop his skills as a Personal Trainer and focus specifically on the area of fat loss.

Back in December I started my search for our new trainer, the c.v’s came in and I was pleased to see that Lucas was one of those to apply. It was exactly 8 weeks since his internship so I was eager to see if he had put into practice all of the things that he had learned.

In an interview for a job as fat loss specialist, I’d expect to see evidence of a trainers ability to change someone’s Body Composition and the strategies that they use.

Lucas had gone away from his internship and addressed all of the issues that we identified. He had implemented all of my coaching advice, program design and nutrition strategies and then presented me with 3 sets of results that he had achieved in the 8 weeks he had been away.


I was very impressed with his ability to take away the information and then deliver such outstanding results in such a short space of time. Naturally I called Lucas that weekend and offered him the position.



Many trainers fail to use or don’t even follow a system when they train a client for body composition. These pictures are proof that when you are consistent with the way you do things, you get great results!



Lucas was also kind enough to provide me with a fantastic testimonial of his day.

We’re all very much looking forward to having Lucas join the team and wish him all the luck in his new position.

Friday, 20 Jan 2012