Fitness In Nottingham - M10 Group Body Composition Training Series

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I will be launching our latest training system in a couple of weeks, just in time for all of you that are heading for the sun at the end of July/August. The M10 Body composition training series will start on Monday the 28th of June and will run every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

What is it and why is it different?


Well, most people go to the gym and attend the vast amount of classes for one reason and that’s to lose weight. Unfortunately without the right knowledge and necessary skills to do it right, they spend months working hard without getting anywhere. All the classes are great at motivating people to exercise but they teach nothing about proper training for fat loss, correct nutrition for fat loss and how to also keep the weight off long term.

This is where we come in, at M10 we are different because we specialise in fat loss and getting people looking great. We spend all day, every day coaching people on how to train smart, look great and feel great. Our results speak for themselves and that’s why so many people struggling to lose body fat turn to us for training/nutritional advice and support.

The 6 week course will not only get you in shape and help you lose body fat, it will give you all the right tools to keep it off and stay in shape long term. All the sessions are held at our Personal training facility in Newark.

So what do I get?

If you sign up for the 6 week course you will receive my new 21 day fat loss plan, together with recipes, food preparation guidelines, supplement advice and lifestyle tips that make being in shape easy and helps make it part of your life. As a fat loss specialist I know exactly what type of training will lose the maximum amount of fat and in all the right places, my results speak for themselves

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please email

as soon as possible to reserve your place. Remember spaces are limited so act fast!

If you do miss out on this one, don't worry we will be running these more regularly.

The cost of the Body composition series is £10 per session and the course is payable in advance. That’s £120 paid at the start of the course.

Monday, 21 Jun 2010