Fitness In Nottingham- Modified Strongman Training

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Modified Strongman training will take your fitness and sports performance to new levels. If that’s not enough for you, because of the huge amounts of lactic acid that is produced, it’s an awesome fat burning session too.


Strongman training is becoming very popular in the sports performance circles because of its ability to develop true “functional strength” for athletes. According to world renowned Strength Coach Charles Poliquin, “Functional training should be defined as the execution of movements directly related to the patterns required for a given sport”. Many athletes may be strong in the gym, but they lack the ability to transfer this strength directly onto the field. For many athletes, this is more than often the missing link. By using exercise such as tire flips, farmers walks, prowler runs, sled drags and sand bag carries, true “functional strength” is improved.

Many individuals and athletes spend hours on treadmills or out road running in an attempt to improve their fitness levels, unfortunately in many cases this has little carry over to their sport. Strongman training has a high correlation to the movements found in sport and therefore develops the energy systems required.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that Modified Strongman training can give you:


A strong lower back - If you have a strong lower back you reduce your risk of injury


Strong joints, ligaments and tendons - With increased joint stability and strength you reduce your risk of injury and improve the neuromuscular feedback to your brain.


Strong core muscles - Because of the awkwardness of some of the exercises like the farmers walk, your core muscles will be working over time to keep your upright and strong throughout the movements.


Improved muscular endurance - In many sports the ability to produce force continuously is a must. Strongman training unlike steady state treadmill running improves this requirement.


Fat loss - The huge amounts of lactic acid that is produced makes it very effective for losing large amounts of unwanted body fat.

At M10 Fitness we run strongman training sessions for athletes and teams looking to improve their sports performance, for businesses looking for an alternative team building event and for individuals looking for a fun and motivational way to get in shape.

M10 Fitness Strongman Sessions will be held every Saturday afternoon (starting the 23rd May) from 2pm – 5pm at Tanvic Tyres, (96 Appleton Gate, Newark).

Sessions are open to males and females of intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Come and join the fun and make getting in the shape this summer an enjoyable experience.

To book your place email us at or call us direct on 01636 674 079

Sessions last 1 hour and cost £15 per person


Monday, 21 Jun 2010