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Your first choice for Personal Training in Nottingham, Newark and Lincoln

At the M10 Fitness performance Centre, we believe everyone has the desire to be the best they can and the motivation to achieve this – but sometimes we lack the tools to help us reach our goals. This is where personal training and strength coaching at M10 Fitness in Nottingham, Newark and Lincoln comes in, providing not only the tools but also the RESULTS!

Whether you’re a amateur or professional athlete or have little or no exercise experience – whether you’re looking to lose body fat and shape up for a special occasion, recovering from an injury or gearing up for a sporting event – at M10 we’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you achieve your goal.


The best Personal Trainers in Nottingham situated in a perfect location in Newark, M10 Fitness Personal training is only 20 minutes from Nottingham, 15 minutes from Lincoln and just over an hour by mainline train from London, M10 Fitness is an exclusive training facility which boasts the latest strength training and exercise equipment.

Mark Coles, the owner of M10, is one of the country’s top personal trainers, whose reputation as a fat loss and body composition specialist attracts Personal Training clients from across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire and as far away as London. His work has been acknowledged by GQ Magazine, Mens Health, Runners World and elite nutritionist to premiership footballers, UK Athletics and the England rugby team, Matt Lovell. Mark trains athletes in various sports including Elite Ice Hockey and British Superbiked. He has been the Strength Coach to British superbike legend, Chris “Stalker” Walker for the last 2 years.

Using the most advanced techniques of Strength & Conditioning, exercise, science and nutrition, Mark is committed to ensuring that everyone he works with is in peak shape to perform. He is the creator of the unique LHP Performance Fat Loss Training System, which provides you with a strategy that impacts on every aspect of your life. Specifically designed to evolve as you progress towards getting the body you’ve always wanted, it works each client through four phases focussing on the right training for fat loss, the right nutrition for fat loss and the rights skills to maintain that shape for ever.

Why should you choose an M10 Fitness Personal Trainer?

So what is it that sets M10 Fitness apart from other companies offering personal training in Nottingham, Newark, Lincoln and beyond?

Quite simply, it’s our results. Our approach to fat loss and body composition training is unique and our programmes are delivered by highly experienced trainers whose passion and commitment are second to none and whose results speak for themselves. Led by Mark Coles, they’re constantly looking for ways to stay at the forefront of their respective fields of exercise, health, fat loss, strength & conditioning.

When you train with M10 Fitness, you’ll have the undivided attention of your coach –there are no gym memberships at M10 and every personal training session is strictly one-on-one throughout. No distractions, just you and your Personal Trainer focusing on what really matters, your results!

But Personal Training at M10 Fitness in Newark is about more than just having someone with you in the gym. Tailor-made for each individual client, our programmes guide you through the whole process of health and fitness development. From training inside and outside of the gym to diet, lifestyle and all support services, we’ll take you on a life-changing journey to achieving optimal health and the renewed confidence and self respect that come from having the body of your dreams.

The first step...

...on your life-changing journey is a free consultation with one of our fully qualified Personal Trainers. We’ll take you through a comprehensive questionnaire to determine where you are, where you want to be and how we can help get you there!

Contact us now for more information about personal training in Nottingham, Newark and Lincoln with M10 Fitness and find out how you can take the first step to becoming leaner, healthier, fitter and stronger...

The last word...

...from M10 owner Mark Coles : “We believe that with passion, commitment and hard work, you can achieve anything. At M10 Fitness, we pride ourselves on working constantly to be the best we can – and in doing so, giving every one of our clients everything they need to do the same!”

Personal Trainer Nottingham, Personal Trainer Newark and Personal Trainer Lincoln.

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Monday, 21 Jun 2010