Strength and Conditioning Coach Nottingham - Elite Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell recommends Mark Coles

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Elite Sports Nutritionist Matt Lovell has recently posted Mark Coles on his recommended list of top personal trainers in the UK.


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Matt has been the Sports Nutritionist for the England Rugby Team since before the 2003 World Cup. He is currently working with the UK athletics team in preparation for the 2012 olympics.

Matt also currently works with London Wasps, Leicester Tigers, London Irish and Saracens as a specialist Rubgy Sports Nutrtionist.

Since meeting Matt my own nutrition has changed so much. He helped structure a new diet to push my then weight of 86kgs to the target weight I was aiming for. I reached my goal of 93kgs whilst dropping 3% body fat in the process.

I am constantly in search of like minded coaches and specialists who I can learn from. Matt is definatley one of those and I would never hesitate recommending him to anyone.

Monday, 21 Jun 2010