Nottingham Panthers off Season Training

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Mark Coles has been hard at work training some of the countries top Ice Hockey players.

Mark is training 3 athletes throughout their off season and is bringing a new level of Strength & Conditioning to Ice Hockey in the UK


Last year Mark teamed up with Nottingham Panthers Sports Therapist Scott Poundall and created Elite Ice Hockey Conditioning. The purpose of the company is to offer the highest level of specific Ice Hockey Strength & Conditioning in the UK.


Mark has already tested a number of junior athletes across the UK and last seasons Panthers squad came to M10 to be tested at the end of last season. He is working with Scott to put together a full pre season test for this years Panthers squad.

Here's an email Mark received from an athlete he tested who is playing in the EPL League in Sheffield:

"Since I've been stretching alot more and increased the rotation around my upper back I feel like a different player on the ice. I am shooting the puck alot better and just feel as if my skating style is improving and people are starting to notice! Now that I've changed my diet I feel as if I have alot more energy and don't crave the poor food I was eating any more." Danny Mawer

The Elite Ice Hockey Conditioning system is the first of its kind in the UK. There is a structured testing and conditioning system which has been designed specifically to improve Ice Hockey performance. The system includes full testing and off ice Strength & Conditioning that will dramatically improve, flexibility, movement, stability, strength, speed and power on the ice.

The system will also:

  • Reduce risk to injury and speed up recovery from injury
  • Increase acceleration and deceleration on the Ice
  • Improve muscle mass and game confidence
  • Improves shift recovery time
  • Extend playing careerThe athletes that are currently working with Mark are:

Steve Lee - Nottingham Panthers & Great Britain

Robert Lachowicz - Nottingham Panthers & Great Britain

Josh Ward - Nottingham Panthers & Great Britain U20

If you would like to know more about the system, please email

Tuesday, 7 Jun 2011