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Back in November I shared an artilce with you called hitting retirement head on, it was about a client that had been on a life changing mission to make sure she hit retirement in the best shape of her life. Well, she certainly did that!! And now, with the continued help and guidance of her M10 coach Marti, Bridgett continues to amaze us all as she keeps transforming before our eyes.

I've got my hockey players in the gym at the moment, kick starting their off season training and they always comment on how hard she trains. Coming from professional athletes that's a huge compliment for her.


There's a worried question people always ask me right before they start training and it's, what do I do when I finish training at M10? My reply is always, you'll be a different person in as little as 8 weeks, this will be part of your life by then! You'll find living healthier and leaner so much easier and I mean it. Those people that really come to see us to change, go through such a transformation, once they've finished they live their lives in a completely different way.

In my very popular article, the top 10 things lean people do well, I talk about lean people seeing eating, training and being healthy as part of their life and not a chore. People that panic about being able to cope at the end of a diet have fallen into the same trap as everyone else who picks up a diet book. It's the lifestyle habits that go alongside the nutrition programme that makes the most difference, not just the food. So diets that don't mention any of my tips are failing to help people change long term.

Nothing in life is ever a chore if you enjoy doing it

If you're someone who moans and complains about eating healthy foods and always breaks the rules, you'll never be in great shape and you'll never enjoy trying to get in shape either. People who enjoy having a great body have somethings in common, they enjoy the foods they eat, enjoy training, enjoy the deep sleep they get and the constant energy levels they have all day. If its something you've never experienced, you can be coached how to change.

Brigett is a classic example of someone who has embraced her new life, she trains hard, sleeps well, eats well, and of course just like all of us, she loves her treats too!

Congratulations from us all at M10

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Wednesday, 13 Jun 2012