M10 in Mens Health Magazine - EDT Training

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An article I wrote for Mens Health was published in the March 2011 edition.

The article was about a training system known as Escalated Density Training. You pair up usually agonist and antagonist exercises and work for 20 minutes back and forwards.

Here's a section from the article but you can download the full pages at the bottom of the page

You’ll do as many supersets (back to back exercises) as you can in 15 minutes, each one consisting of 5 reps each for mostly opposing muscle groups (like biceps and triceps).This style of superset will have you burning up to 25% more calories and needing less rest than traditional straight sets, according to research at Syracuse University, US. The workouts are divided into personal best (PB) zones where you’ll do 5 reps of the initial exercise, rest a little, then do 5 reps on the 2nd exercise, then rest a little and go again. Do as many reps as you can in 15 minutes.

Changes to the program on the pdf

As an extra word of warning the printers got the A series wrong and placed front squat with split squat.(if you know me that wouldn't  happen in an EDT workout, maybe a leg hypertrophy circuit) Change this round so you do front squat and seated dumbbell shoulder press. The other exercise would still be split squat but paired with rear delt bent over flyes and not calf raises.



Thursday, 19 May 2011