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With Christmas just round the corner, M10’s Group Body composition course is getting ready for its Christmas special. The start of the next course is only 3 weeks away.

In the latest course, one of the members achieved a 4% body fat loss,and gained 5lbs of lean muscle mass all in the first 14 days! These are the sort of results we are seeing at every course.


The next M10 Body Composition training series will start on Monday the 1st of November 2010 and will run every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. This course is our Christmas special

What is it and why is the Christmas one different?

Most people go to the gym and attend the vast amount of classes for one reason and that’s to lose weight. Unfortunately without the right knowledge and necessary skills to do it right, they spend months working hard without getting anywhere. All the classes are great at motivating people to exercise but they teach nothing about proper training for fat loss, correct nutrition and supplementation for fat loss and how to also keep the weight off long term.

This is where we come in, at M10 we are different because we specialise in fat loss and getting people looking great. We spend all day, every day coaching people on how to eat right, train smart, look great and feel great. The results of our last 2 body composition courses speak for themselves (see below) and that’s why so many people struggling to lose body fat turn to the Body Composition series for results.

The 6 week course will not only get you in shape and help you lose body fat, it will give you all the right tools to keep it off and stay in shape long term. All the sessions are held at our Personal training facility in Newark.

The best bit about the special Christmas course is that it will not only help you to go into Christmas confident about your shape, you'll have so many tools to help you make the right food choices aswell.

So what do I get?

If you sign up for the Christmas 6 week special you will receive my fourteen day fat loss plan, together with my recipe and food preparation ebook, supplement advice for fat loss and lifestyle tips that make being in shape easy and helps make it part of your life. To add to that I'll be including my special Chritmas download which will give you top tips to help you stay lean all throughout the festivities.

You will also receive a special M10 post workout shake after every workout you do with us, this ensures you recover correctly as soon as the workout finishes.  This is a new addition to the system but one in which we feel is an essential part to your success on the Body Composition system.

Limited spaces

Spaces are limited to the first 10 people to book on so act fast! We already have places confirmed.



The cost of the 6 week body composition course is only £167.50.

If you know someone who may be interested in joining our special sessions, why not forward them the link to this page. It could be the best Chritmas gift you send.

What are people saying about Group Body Composition?

" I started the course with the hope of toning up a little and losing some of the excess weight I'd put on after a long period of physical inactivity and bad eating. However, as soon as I began following the course I knew I was going to achieve much, much more.

The sessions themselves, on a Monday and Wednesday, were really good fun and certainly left you knowing you'd had a good work-out! Mark kept in contact constantly via email and Facebook with little hints and tips that are invaluable to the course and to achieving your goals. The food plan was extremely expansive, including some foods that I'd never dreamt of trying which were really tasty! Within just 2 weeks of starting the course, my shape had started to drastically change, and I could not believe the results. I also felt really great, had a lot more energy than when I started the course and was really starting to get used to the new plan.

Now, as the course is almost at an end, I feel great, both physically and mentally, and am now much more comfortable with my body than when I started. If you want to change your body, life and overall well-being, this course is certainly for you! The sessions are fun, the support is always there and most of all the results speak for themselves! Fantastic!"

Thomas Banks – 5.2% body fat loss and 7kg weight loss

I knew it would be difficult but it was a challenge I was ready for. I needed something that was structured and routine. Coming twice a week to m10 has given me the push I needed and the support I have received from mark & Luke has been great.

I started to notice the difference in my shape after about 2-3 weeks. Although the course is only 6 weeks long, I know the support from m10 will continue afterwards.

You have to be determined and want to change your lifestyle. If you do- please give the body composition course a go. You will not be disappointed. I haven't been!

Debbie Parr – 5% body fat loss and 5 kgs in weight loss

I had some doubts and perhaps even fears about booking on to the Body Composition Course.

At 56 years, I am the oldest person on the current course. I am overweight and have not taken part in any form of real training for over 10 years. That didn't make any difference to Mark & Luke!! - and to be honest, I now know that unless there is an underlying health problem, age doesn't matter. The phrase 'mind over matter' really does apply.

So far, I have lost a stone in weight, I have seen bits of my physique re-appearing that have for years been lost under a layer of fat and I am slowly starting to feel better for it!!

It is hard - both the physical side and the dietary changes that are involved - but 3/4 of the way through and with the changes I have seen it is all worth it.

Chris lost 14 lbs in weight, 5.5% Body fat and gained 4 lbs in lean muscle mass throughout the process

Still not sure, check out the video below

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Monday, 11 Oct 2010