Luke's Body Composition Internship Day 1

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As most of you will know, I'm away in Bath at the minute doing a 5 day internship on Body Composition with Charles Poliquin.  The course is being held at Body Development performance centre.

After a good 2 months out of training because of my injury, I arrive at the venue 20 minutes early eager as a beaver.  There are a few familiar faces from previous courses I have taken of Charles's.  All introductions and grip tests done Charles goes straight into a full body fat assessment (I'll find out from Luke what the results of this were!) After that we get 10 minutes to warm up then straight into our first workout.  On warm up some guy is doing standing hip rotations which is immediately stopped by a deep shout of '' Hey Lumpy are you going to be doing that in the so stop it NOW!!!!!!''.  At this point it was clear no messing this was going to be an amazing but excruciating Workout.  We were training Biceps into Triceps this morning and tri sets it was!

Throughout the workout I saw one of my team of three get a hefty right boot to bum by the one and only Charles Poliquin.  ''Dont mess around and train harder'' the chap had only forgot to add 2.5kg to his bench press! Anyway, back on track, the workout was over, I was a physical mess and so was everyone else.

After dinner we went straight into fascial and PNF stretching for the whole body.  I have learnt some valuable tips and stretches which all of you will benefit from in your future sessions with me.

Stretching over its back to workout two, a brutal descending grip workout for arms again!

Up to this point I have managed to make Charles laugh a few times with my witty comments and regular reference to me having a set of ovaries as an excuse for my training intensity (I wondered when that old chestnut would come out Luke).  This I thought would work in my favor.  Was I wrong? I turned round on my B-2 exercise to see a big grin on his face as he applied pressure to the weight stack! I had a little respect and a pat on the back,  '' good work buddy''.

Day over I'm just sat on my bed of the BnB contemplating whether to eat at Nandos or a steak house.  There are 4 of us going out to discuss the day and chill over some dinner.

That's all for today but look out for tomorrows blog.

Friday, 1 Oct 2010