Luke's Body Composition Internship Days 2 & 3

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Down to business, it's day 2 and I know what's coming....LEGS.  I had been and I wont lie, fearing this workout for the last 4 months and it was now upon me.  No messing, Charles is on top form ''Get ready you train in ten minutes'' these were the first words he spoke on the day.  One group would do Tri sets and one would do Strongman training.  I was placed in the Tri sets group. 

We stayed on that workout for 5 sets.  I can only tell you it was an experience I can't wait to recreate for my clients. The experience of squatting, dropping to one knee as I then walked between stations and after set one feeling I have no more to offer!! 

Workout over my legs are screaming, spasming , jerking and quite literally on fire.  But wait, I can see Charles smiling and an then the announcement. "we go again, this thime Strongman"

Work out over and I thought my legs hurt from the first workout!! Oh no, they where merely simmering and now they're burning.

Day over after a further hour of stretching and a quick test. I would like to tell you that Charles asked me the questions and it was at that point that I realised my knowledge is far more advanced than I give myself credit for.

Day over I feel like I'm about to die I still feel sick, I am seriously checking into the famous spa for an evening session in the hot city view pool.  The only reason I haven't is I fear going up the stairs to the pool!!

Day 2 over and I have learnt so much and taken away some great advice and skills.

Day three of the body comp internship and guess what..... I can't sit down, stand up or move my arms now!!!!! 

Today was the best day so far for education and knowledge, obviously not for the pain I was feeling which Charles absolutely loves. John Wayne has nothing on me the way im walking trust me.

So as usual now, 10am comes around and its straight into the morning workout of chest and back; supersetting these muscle groups together was the order. 

After morning training, our first lecture of the day was on how to read Body fat readings according to the Biosignature modulation system and what supplementation clients should be using.  Now for some reason I doubted my knowledge as a trainer, today has sky rocketed my confidence in my own knowledge. There wasn't one question I wasn't able to interpret, understand or solve.  I owe this to my mentor and boss Mark Coles who has passed down this information to me and made me the trainer I have proved my self to be. 

The second half of the course was about detoxifying Estrogen within the body and being shown from factual data that more men are actually more female than we think!  The reasoning and explanations are beyond the scope of my blog but high estrogen levels in my clients will not go unmissed in the future.

I'm just finishing a chat between a small group of peers and Charles when I see him look at his watch.  All of a sudden I see one corner of his mouth start to tighten,  he looks up completing that smile that I have grown to hate!!  A smile should be warming and somewhat brighten up your day! No, its the next workout!! 

Workout over once again, and a very awful feeling in my body and stomach. 

Last lecture for the day and we have a special guest joining us, his name is Roy Duval.  Roy Duval is a former Mr Universe, Mr Olympia and Mr Britain with many more titles under his belt.  He was also one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partners in his hay day of body building. Roy talk about his career and gave us a sample of one of his workouts and boy it was some workout.  Roy is 65 now and still looks in great shape, he has a great sense of humor and an overwhelming vibe about him. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to meet one of the great names in bodybuilding, for this I thank not only Roy but Charles Poliquin and the team from Body Development.  Here I am pictured with Roy. 


Day 3 over and as usual I'm in pieces and I know that tomorrow is only going to get worse for my aching body.  The most important lesson I have learnt so far is that I myself do not train to my full potential and from now on I will strive for excellence within all my sessions and physical well being.

That's all for today guys, look out for my next blog tomorrow.

Sunday, 3 Oct 2010