Luke's Body Composition Internship days 4 & 5

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Day 4 – Some one’s tired hey Luke!!! 

Day 4 of the body comp internship and it goes without saying I’m in a mess!!!!

As usual as soon as we get there it’s straight into the workout 50 minutes of AB training. Well Charles you have outdone yourself today!!!!!

Once again I feel tears in my eyes as we enter the last minute, the sooner that man says its over the sooner I get back to sanity.  Workout over it’s into lecture 1, nutritional analysis.  We learnt how to effectively analyze our diets and find common flaws.  Very interesting and little gems dropped in along the way.  After our dinner we had a talk about liver detoxification and the importance of using them.  Once again this only improved my confidence as I had a firm grip of the cleanse material and understanding. 

Workout 2 and it’s a brutal Shoulder workout.  I picked up not only a burning set of shoulders but some great new exercise tips and exercises themselves. Workout over and no surprise I'm hanging by a thread!!  We then go straight into a Post Workout nutrition seminar where we learn new ways of improving body composition via our post training supplementation and food.  This was very interesting. 

After the lecture we are asked to write a full week’s program for a client looking for body composition changes.  Once again I put myself up to answer the questions Charles was asking and I’m returned with the words "Perfect answer" get in there!!!!!   I had really ingested all of the previous day’s info and shown it with my program design this afternoon. (well done Luke!)

Me and two of my peers decided that tonight we would brave the stairs of the Thermae Bath Spa.  If anyone hasn't been or seen the website I suggest you check it out.  At nine o clock this evening I was lying on my back in a hot outside pool looking out onto the picturesque city of Bath.  The only thing wrong was not experiencing it with my girlfriend Lizzie but my two male peers instead, it’s just not quite the same. (I just had to leave this in Luke!!) Soft arse!! 

Note the length of the blog today! By day 4 I can agree with Luke, you’re very tired!!

Day 5

It’s around 5.20 when I suddenly awaken its dark and all I can see is a figure by my door was it finally the grim reaper come to take me away from all this pain.... nope just my clothes I had forgot that I had hung up for the morning.  Training this intense will make you think things like that I swear it!! 

Any way day 5 is underway and I couldn't believe I only had two workouts to go.  This was the last stretch, the final hurdle or was it the Green mile!!!!! I knew we were doing arms again but unfortunately as I have noticed anything is possible with Charles I would know if it was going to be a good day dependant on that deathly grin of his.  First workout and of course it’s an absolute shocker my arms don't work as it is and he still drives us through it.  Work out over I have adopted a rather Neanderthal position scrapping my knuckles across the floor and reverted to grunting rather than actual words.  After dinner is a talk on Neurotransmitters and their role in the fat loss process.  This lecture was some of the most interesting and crucial information I picked up on the course so far. 

Half the day has gone and were just finishing dinner still in this Neanderthal state, I decided to finish my lunch in that manner pulling chicken straight off the bone followed by handful after handful of spinach I don't know if anyone has seen 'Harry and the Henderson's' but I resembled Harry a lot.  Well into the second lecture and again I’m being blown away with new information and current facts that may turn a few heads when I get back to share them with you all.  

I looked at the clock it was just gone 2, I swear I only turned back and looked again and 3 o’clock was upon us.  Was Charles using some kind of Jedi mind trick to put the clocks forward, who knows all I know is I’m dreading it.  The First word that comes out of Charles's mouth is Milos and the second Sarcev, this was the final straw.  I thought well I better ring my mum and tell her I love her and tell my sister she can have my room as I knew this workout meant certain death!!!!!!

I didn't die in the end just improved upon my knuckle scrapping and grunting.  It’s all over and its goodbye time for me.  I had my picture with Charles and also the team at body development.  I met some amazing people on this course and staying in touch with them is a promise. I had a great time this week, very punishing but also very rewarding.  Charles is a fantastic coach and the most knowledgeable man I’m sure I will ever meet.


Having Charles and Mark as role models will only lead me forward to a brighter and more prosperous future. 

Many thanks to all of you who endured these last 5 days and my blogs, it’s been an such an amazing experience. 

To Charles, I thank you the most for sharing your emense knowledge but also giving your time and well........ Disgusting workouts which my body will never ever forget!! 

The Week has been filmed and I have purchased a 3 minute clip of my best bits which will be available for you all to see very soon check out you tube Body Development and there are clips with my mug all over it. Enjoy.

I will also make sure that Luke’s video goes onto our website so keep your eyes peeled. 

Well done Luke, I’m sure all your clients can’t wait to see you next week.


Until our next road trip!!

Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010