MMA Fighter leans up

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p>MMA is currently one of the Worlds fastest growing sports by participants and fans. This ultimate sport requires many qualities such as speed, power, strength, awesome technique and huge discpline. When I was approached by MMA heavy weight James Ball, he had one simple goal to be as lean, strong and powerful as he could.


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Like many boxers and martial artists that come to see me, fitness and low calorie eating is still the main way of losing pre contest weight. Many fighters I have spoken to (James included) have gone into fights feeling week and low on energy because of this. The reason for this is very much down to depleted muscle mass and a weakened immune system brought on by crash dieting and lack of quality nutrition. It makes much more sense to stay in shape by eating right, training hard full of energy and being as strong as possible all year round. The weight loss before weigh in need only come from fluid that can be easily reintroduced leading up to the fight time.

Up until James came to see me, he was dong much like I described above. So when I told James that he was banned from doing his "traditional cradio" and had to focus on strength training to lose weight, he looked and me and laughed. I asked him to stick with me for fourteen days and then asked him to come and see me.

11bs lighter and 3% body fat loss

James walked into my office after just 12 days, 11lbs lighter, a drop of 3% body fat and zero muscle loss. the pictures really do show what can be achived in a very short space of time.

MMA fighters do not use Personal trainers or strength coaches enough in their sport and it is mainly becuase they worry about the muscle mass gains associated with the wrong type of training for weight category sports. A good strength coach will make an MMA fighter or boxer very strong and powerful whilst maintaining speed and keeping you in your weight category.

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The first phase of the nutriton program that I used with James focussed on providing his body with the essential nutrients that he needed for daily function. Its amazing how the body transforms itself when it gets what it needs! James will be the first to admit that his old usual day revolved around keeping awake with stimulants like coffee and sugary foods,

These things are a thing of the past now and James has already started the next phase of working with me, he is on his way to becoming the lean mean fighting machine he asked me for!!

Here's a selection of comments that James sent to me.

I now come out of the gym feeling alive and full of testosterone, just as you said I would and I feel ready to fight, this is how I'm starting to feel all day.

When it comes to lifting weights or power when I'm smashing the shit out of a punch bag or pads, I'm way ahead of what I was.

ITS AMAZING! I haven't a coffee or any stimulant based drinks or supplements since I came to see you and I feel amazing without them. So no more coffee for me...EVER.

I worked it out that I'd been drinking that much coffee for over ten years, living with peaks and troughs every day. Now I'm on a level all day and can think clearly without a spade of coffee or a gallon of diet coke.

"I haven't felt so positive about my fitness and wellbeing for about 5 years and it feels good to have taken the first step to sorting my health out. Sarah and my family have noticed a huge difference in my mood aswell"

Keep an eye on the website to hear the latest on James training and his next fight date.

Saturday, 23 Oct 2010