Training for sponsored lorry pull

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With alot of Stuart Birch's structural imbalances addressed, we have really been hard at work improving his strength before the big day. In under 8 weeks time Stuart will attempt to pull a 9 tonne lorry down his street in aid of a fantastic charit, the air ambulance.


Today Stuart hit the first of his many goals, to squat 100kg. You can see from the video below that he did that with ease!

Stuart played rugby for many years and as a result had quite a few injuries that I needed to address before I could really start him lifting heavy. The squat bar you see in the video below is called a safety bar and it allows not only a different variation to the squat exercise but works perfectly for someone who has limited range of movement in the shoudlers.

if you haven't already done so, please offer your sponsorship for this worhty cause. Any donations greatly appreciated, please email


Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010