Internship with Charles Poliquin

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Last week I attended a semi private internship with Charles Poliquin at the Eleiko training Centre in Halmstad Sweden.


The 5 days we spent with Charles were all focussed on the topic of Body composition.

As most of you know I specialise in body composition and fat loss, so a week learning new skills from Charles was my equivalent to your week sat on the beach!!

10 am sharp on day one we all arrived at the awesome Eleiko training facility. I have already had the privilege of attending Eleiko over a year ago when I took one of my PICP strength coaching certifications.

The group was 11 in total and it was great to see such a range of nationalities present. Trainers from as far away as Singapore, Australia, Finland and Ireland all travelled to be taught by Charles

It wasn't long before we were being put through our first program, how can I forget the 32 sets of bench press straight into chins for 30 minutes with no rest!! This was followed by 15 minutes of flat dumbbell press into seated cable row! And it didn't stop there, it was nicely finished off by 15 minutes of cable chest press into cable face pulls!

So that was our first taste of Charles' body composition training, I can tell you that lunch was spent with very shaky arms!!

The second day rolled past covering arms and we picked up some awesome tricks using lifting straps! We knew it was coming the following day, you guessed it...LEGS!!

Day 3 started with quads in the morning followed by hamstrings in the afternoon. 5 exercises back to back followed by 90 seconds rest! Having sustained a prolapsed disk only 7 weeks ago I wasn’t going to stand by and let the rest of the group take a beating. A slightly amended the routine but then I was off! Set one wasn’t too bad, set 2 I was getting in to it but from there on in it got tougher and tougher! The silence in the lecture room at lunch time was enough to go by, everyone was shattered!

Recovery drinks digested and lunch settled, we moved into workout 2, for me it was quads!! I had the pleasure of following Tracey round this time who kindly provided me with constant weight increases right through to set 5, thanks Tracey! If lunch times silence was bad, packing up ready for home that evening was even worse.

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The next day everyone hobbled into class walking like John Wayne! I can tell you right now that I was just as bad! Charles took one look at us and quickly decided that day 4 was going to be dedicated to stretching!! I was looking forward to training but the thought of having a stretch day didn’t lead me to question Charles thinking!!

That evening the guys at Eleiko kindly put me in touch with a massage therapist and I had my first taste of a proper Swedish massage! 1 hour later and I was feeling like a new man!!

In between each training session we had awesome lectures from Charles on business, how to interview fat loss clients and how to overcome common hard cases when it comes to helping clients get in awesome shape. We all had our Biosignatures done by Charles and one by one we had our readings evaluated. I’m sure you’ll be wondering what I came out at so here you go, 10.4%. That’s 0.4% off being insulin sensitive according to Charles so I was really pleased. I spend a lot of time working at my diet and strongly believe that if I ‘m going to ask my clients to follow my principles then I should follow them myself too.

The information that Charles shared with us over the 5 days has added to the wealth of knowledge that he has passed on to me over the last 2 and a half years that I have been studying his work.

If you are considering doing any of the Poliquin training seminars, internships or PICP certifications then I strongly urge you to get on and book them. What you will learn from Charles will set you way ahead of the average trainer out there. Not only that but you will have an awesome portfolio of results if you use his system correctly.

The internship was an amazing experience and I’m already looking forward to the next seminar in Rhode Island.



Thursday, 2 Sep 2010