Sarah knocks 4 chins out after 6 months off!

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Over 6 months ago I helped Sarah transfrom her figure after she had a baby. A year on and I'm pleased to tell you that she's kept in great shape. It really does go to show that if you adapt your lifestyle as well as your diet, staying on shape long term does not have to be a struggle.


A few weeks ago she decided to come down to start my 6 week advanced body composition course. I'm sure she knew that it wouldn't be long before I was getting her back on the chin up bars!

One warm up set and up she went, four full chins!! This really does go to show that muscles have memory and by continuing on my nutrition program she lost zero muscle mass in her time away from M10.

You may wonder why I make such a big deal over a female client doing 4 full chins, with full range and controlled tempo? The reason is because many men can't even do 4 full chins like this!

Proper chin ups and their variations are a sign of strength and should be one of the key exercises in everyones training program. I've heard many times that chin ups and pull ups are the squat of the upper body.

Have a look at the video below to see Sarah in action.

If you fancy your chances why don't you get yourself booked onto the next advanced body composition course and you'll learn all my tricks to get you doing chins in 4 weeks.

Sunday, 5 Sep 2010