Off Season Rehab for Elite League Ice Hockey Player

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Steve Lee is currently defenseman for the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team and represented Great Britain at U20 level. He was chosen for the 2011 GB senior squad but stayed at home to undergo keyhole surgery for a larbral tear to his shoulder joint that had been niggling him for some time.


 The first phase of training after surgery (or general preparation) involved restoring full range of movement and developing a base level strength to the stabilising muscles of the shoulder joint. The program was very limited until full range of movement had been restored (Steve was having continual therapy with Panthers therapist Scott Poundall). At the same time Steve followed a set off season nutrition plan designed to lean him up ready for the phase later in the programme which would focus on adding muscle mass.

The first phase progressed very quickly and Steve made some very impressive gains in strength, this was once we had achieved full range of movement. These gains meant that he was able to integrate heavier single arm exercises like standing dumbbell shoulder press sooner than expected. We moved into the second phase of the off season programme without any problems at all and Steve continued to make large strength gains whilst also making huge changes to his body shape. In phase 3 closer to the season Steve was behind the neck pressing 60 kg for 5 reps.  

At pre season testing Steve bench pressed 100kg for a 1RM at a tempo of 4010, considering only 10 weeks prior he couldn't even pick up the 14kg dumbbells.     

Steve gained 6.5 kg of lean muscle mass and lost 4% body fat throughout the off season programme. His current body fat is 8.4%


 Steve in action towards the end of off season training

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Friday, 30 Sep 2011