The M10 Blueprint

Training – Nutrition – Transformation

Watch Mark Coles explain the foundations of The M10 Blueprint ebook in the short video below.

"Welcome to the M10 Blueprint, I’m extremely excited to be share my new ebook with you.

My intention for writing this, was to be able to take a relative beginner along their very own transformation journey. It has been designed so the reader can take their time, or they can work through each phase in 6 straight months.

There are too many weight loss plans available on the market, and too many people being fed information that low calorie diets are the way to lose weight and keep it off. At M10 we have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve outstanding results, the Blueprint is your guide to how we do it. 

Weight loss programmes take someone only so far, and it’s often at this point where they fail to see any more progress. This is where they slip back into their old ways, and end up being yet another person who doesn’t reach their true potential. The M10 blueprint is going to put a stop to this. It’ll take you past the point where results usually stall, and you’ll see your new physique developing before your eyes.

As a business we’ve proved people can transform their bodies time and time again, you only have to take a look at our transformation page on the M10 website to see proof of this.

Enjoy your journey,


What do you receive?

  • Diet formulas including full macro nutrient plans and a BMR (base metabolic rate) calculator 
  • Monthly adjustment protocols (easy to follow guidelines helping you know when to make any changes)
  • 6 months of training programmes and cardio plans
  • Log sheets
  • Step by step detailed process to follow
  • Food charts and meal planner showing you all the foods that are included throughout the Blueprint
  • Personalised diet plan adjusted to suit each phase
  • Detailed cardio schedule to use in the final 12 weeks

Are you ready to create your own Blueprint?

If you know anything about M10, you’ll know that we don’t specialise in working with people who aren’t ready to change. It’s one thing wanting to change and not having the tools to do so, it’s another requesting the tools and having absolutely no intention of changing what so ever.

If you want to achieve a body that you’ve only ever dreamed of, you’re going to need to be prepared for change. Remember that the person who you are today, will definitely be a different one by the end of your journey.

So at all times the focus will be on helping you to develop muscle whilst losing body fat. My intention whenever I work with any one, is for them to have a physique at the end of their journey. I don’t mean muscles popping from every joint, I mean a shape that they’re proud of and one that reflects all their hard work.

This isn’t possible if all you’re concerned about is scale weight. This goes for people with a lot of body fat to lose too. If all you focus on is how much you weigh, you won’t be thinking about creating your shape underneath.

The Blueprint will guide you step by step through each phase. It’ll teach you how to change, and how to keep that change long term.

Please note - The Blueprint has not been designed to accommodate vegetarians or vegans. 

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