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I started my weight loss journey on January 8th this year, inspired by the 12 week transformation testimonials on the M10 website. My best friend was getting married in California in April this year and so I desperately wanted to lose weight to feel confident on the beach.

Initially I met Mark whose enthusiasm is crazy and having walked in to see him absolutely terrified that he would decide I was beyond help or not committed enough I came away after that first meeting feeling that I definitely wanted to be part of M10 and their success stories.

Mark introduced me to Danny and now 7 months on i feel that there literally couldn’t be a better trainer for me. Looking back now I had no idea how much making the decision to sign up would actually change my life.

Even though I spent the first few weeks feeling scared to death of going to the session because I thought everyone was looking how big I was, no one would be as unfit as me and I just basically didn’t know what I was doing - I forced myself to go and Danny’s passion, determination and knowledge in the sessions and texts and emails got me through. I just felt like he really understood me and how I was feeling which made me relax and actually enjoy the sessions.

First measurements were again terrifying, I felt physically sick but I think I lost 10lbs in the first week and a few % body fat. I didn’t care about body fat % at this point so I can’t really remember what I lost. I didn’t know what body fat % was was and probably like most girls was only interested in what I weighed on the scales:- If you spend any time at m10 then this will change – they brainwash you eventually! Now I don’t really care what I weigh but get obsessed with reducing my body fat %. This is a major change and takes the most getting used to. I know Danny will have  a smug grin on his face reading this bit!


Oh – another weird thing to get used to –  you need to eat loads! It should probably be called the eat yourself thin plan. This is hard to fit into your day to start with. I was the worst food planer ever previously. I would literally buy each meal 10-15 minutes before I was going to eat it and just whenever I felt hungry – I never did a weekly shop or took lunch to work. My excuse was I was too busy!

I do have a hectic high pressure job but I actually find it easier now to do all my meals twice a week and divide it all up into lunch boxes ready to go. It takes me about an hour twice a week to prepare everything. I didn’t even own a lunch box when I started plus Danny has helped me with different food options when I know I’m going to be in meetings or away for the weekend..

Anyhow, I signed up for 3 sessions per week and just decided that if I was going to spend that much money on personal training then I would do everything they said to the letter. I’ve had personal trainers before and I have never had that attitude – maybe it was the thought of the investment that made me stick to it or maybe I was just at that point in my life anyway that I was ready to do it. For anyone thinking about the expense, I haven’t actually spent anymore than I would have before on alcohol, nights out, rubbish food/takeaways and to be honest I would pay double (don’t get any ideas Mark) for the results and the way that I feel.

The truth is the biggest expense is all the new clothes I’m buying – literally have nothing left in my wardrobe that fits me. I donated six bin bags full of clothes in 2 months alone!

You definitely have to make sacrifices – it was mainly wine for me:)  but Danny inspired me to push myself harder under his influence than I ever have before. My friends and family all prefer how I am now anyway and being with them is more fun because my confidence has completely changed and I’m happier with myself.

M10 is nothing like the big gym chains and neither are the trainers. I realised Danny’s commitment to my cause one Friday night when he was emailing me at 10pm about my eating plan for the weekend because he’d just checked my food diary and wanted to make a couple of tweaks – I've got many more examples.

Being busy at work – regularly working 12 hour+ days and spending about 2 days a week in London each week made me think that it would be difficult to fit in the sessions. However, Danny got to know my commitments and has been completely flexible to our training sessions. I don’t think I have had a week yet where I have done the same days or times. This works for me and I really appreciate Danny accommodating this.

So results to date are body fat 29% to 16% and weight 85kg to 65kg but I’m still going.

Haven’t worn a bikini on holiday in front of people for years but just back from Ibiza and took 6 with me! A close friend was looking through my pics this weekend and honestly didn’t think it was me in a couple of them.

Health improvements 

Health wise -  I should mention that I used to pick up every cough, cold and sore throat going but I haven’t had an illness so far this year! Can’t be a coincidence?

I also used to sleep like a log but still feel tired and didn’t kick into work mode until at least midday. Now whilst still loving my sleep I wake up without the alarm most mornings and I’m immediately alert, focused and on the ball. People at work can’t believe it – they said that they normally wouldn’t come and talk to me in the mornings ha!

Finally, can’t finish the testimonial without a massive shout out for the encouragement and support from the other trainers at M10. It’s true that everyone is super friendly and supportive. For me, especially Lisa and Mark. Thanks for all the extra chats and hugs in the changing room Lisa and Mark always keeps track of everyone’s training and plan whether he actually trains you personally or not. He’s always on hand to talk to and ask advice sometimes even when you don’t want him to adding extra or harder exercises into your session because he thinks it’s fun! Huge thanks guys.

Danny – can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to see what we can do with the next stint.

Reading this it sounds like the guys have paid me to say it, but believe me this is just what happens when you join M10.

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