Alenha was living the typical student life and would binge eat and then drastically cut calories, in a bid to undo the damage. Soon she realised that this approach wasn’t sustainable, so she came to M10 to help her stay consistent with eating healthily and exercising.
It wasn’t long before she decided that she wanted to fulfil a lifelong goal of going through a 12-week body transformation process in preparation for an upcoming photoshoot.
Alenha said: “I've been going to the gym on and off since I was around 15 years old and have always been somewhat active. Since being at university, I find it super hard to stay fit and eat healthy, or even to form healthy habits when you're surrounded by alcohol, parties and fast food. So instead of carrying on with these bad habits, I thought getting a personal trainer would help keep me accountable and keep me on track, forming new habits. I live just around the corner from M10 and have also seen a lot of things posted about them on social media (all good things!) so I thought about giving it a try, and booked an appointment to see Dan, the manager at M10.

Why Quick Fix Diets Didn't Work....
In the past I've tried everything you can think of to change my body shape - low carb diets, lots of cardio, restrictive eating. It hasn't worked because everything I tried wasn't maintainable and, instead of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and incorporate healthy habits, I tried to look for quick fixes and diets to lose weight quickly, which just wasn't sustainable, and lead to binge eating and guilt.

My Relationship With Food...
Since joining M10, my relationship with food has definitely improved and I have a better understanding of nutrition such as post workout meals, what to eat on training days vs what to eat on non-training days. It's helped me understand what good nutrition can really do for your body, and how having good nutrition can help you thrive. I have always been active and I like to go on daily walks, and lift weights a couple times a week, with circuit training as well. M10 has helped me balance out all the types of training I love to do, helping me achieve my goals.

After just completing a photoshoot, it has given me a good idea of what muscle I have and also the areas I would like to build on. I would definitely want to do another in the near future, but first I would like to build on my glutes and define my abs a bit more. So the goal is to build, whilst gaining as minimal fat as possible.

This Is The First Fitness Goal I Started AND Completed...
My dedication and focus has definitely increased since starting M10. I've started so many 'diets' before that I haven't ever completed. This is the first fitness goal I started and also completed, and I couldn't have done it without the support of M10. My body has definitely changed as well. With the education I received from nutrition and training, and listening to my coach, it gave me the results I wanted.

alenha transformation
The food aspect was definitely the most challenging part of my programme. I took on the challenge to complete a 12 week prep for a photoshoot, which is hard no matter what. Regardless of whether I was at M10 or not, the food would always have been the most difficult part – especially having to say no to amazing desserts and pizza whilst everyone else is enjoying it!

Also having to get in so many training sessions when calories were dropped was difficult, but again, without my coach Lee's help, I would never have been able to get through it. Even though the programme was hard, the help I received made it much easier and made the process a whole lot smoother.

alenha transformation

It's Important To Trust And Be Honest With Each Other...
During my time training with Lee, I've learnt that you have to trust each other and be honest about how you feel to gain maximum results. I really enjoyed training with Lee, and every time I would fall off the wagon and go off track, I would be honest about it and he was amazing in how he helped me continuously get back on track. He never made me feel like I couldn't tell him, or judged me for going off track, but instead took all the positives from it and gave me advice on how to move forward. I will continue training with Lee and I can't wait to start the next stage of building.

Joining M10 Was The Best Decision I Made...
If you want to achieve results, don’t wait around and jump at the opportunity of creating a new healthy life. Joining M10 was definitely my best decision of 2018 and I haven't looked back since. I've learnt so much and I'm continuing to learn new things all the time. All the trainers there are lovely and the people that train there are amazing.

It's Such A Motivating Place To Train...
Everyone is there for similar reasons, and training there is so motivating when you're surrounded by so many likeminded people. I enjoy the whole experience to be honest. When you walk in, the atmosphere is always buzzing, with the music on, and everyone training hard. It is just such a motivating place to train at and I always leave there feeling like I had the best workout, my endorphins are sky high! The thing I enjoy most is definitely the workout though. When I feel like I can't physically be pushed anymore, Lee always finds a way to break the boundary and show me what I'm capable of. I always leave the gym knowing I couldn't have had a better workout, and it's a great feeling.”

alenha transformation
M10 coach, Lee Owen commented on Alenha’s journey:  “Alenha came to me in January this year with her main goal to take her training to the next level. She had a history of going to the gym religiously and tried to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle whilst juggling her university work but found it hard to see the results she was looking for and really wanted to see more definition in her abs and shoulders.

She wanted a physique that showed off her hard effort and dedication to training, knowing that she was passionate about seeing more progress we set about building a plan of action. Within the first few weeks, I knew we had to up the work load and prioritise lagging body parts while calories were still at a high to gain as much tissue as possible. She began to see a huge positive change in her body during this time, this motivated her to book a photo shoot with Bailey Image as this was something on her bucket list of achievements for this year. Over her 12 week transformation, she had dropped a fantastic 6kg and 6% body fat!

One main take home for Alenha that we continually reminded her of is, that this level of work and mental fortitude will transfer into all other areas of her life. I know that after this experience she’ll continue to grow as a person and will be successful in the future with whatever she sets out to achieve. Congratulations Alenha – it has been an absolute pleasure guiding you through the 12 week transformation.”

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