Body Transformation- Lucy Edwick

Lucy Edwick has been training with Luke for over 1 year now and in that time her life has turned around.

She has gone from a size 12 – 14 to a comfortable size 8 and is pictured getting ready for some modelling she did recently.


Lucy said “I gained a little under a stone in the run up to the London Marathon a couple of years ago which I think is an interesting point for those who think cardio is the way forwards”. “I lost about a stone after the holiday in the first picture by simply stopping running as much”.

Luke focuses a lot of his training on educating Lucy how to use different strength training systems for affective body composition. By simply moving Lucy away from the standard daily cardio (running etc) routines, Lucy’s body unveiled before her very eyes. Let’s not take away from the fact that Lucy has put a lot of hard work in to achieve these results, she has changed not only the way that she trains but how she eats and lives aswell.

In the whole process Lucy has lost 11kg in weight and is now stripped down to a very lean 10.6% body fat.

Well done to Lucy and Luke.

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