Chris is a key worker and, along with dealing with a highly stressful role, she also has to spend lengths of time in isolation to protect a vulnerable family member.

Before lockdown, she had started powerlifting and was making great progress.  When M10 closed, she was concerned her gains would suffer as she had limited powerlifting equipment available to her at home.

However, M10 coach, Anthony Barnes reassured Chris that her progress would continue and provided her with new strength goals and a challenging training programme to keep her focused.

Chris said: "Just before the gym closed, I had begun learning how to powerlift. I had been making good progress both with skills and strengths. When lock down came, I was concerned I would lose all my gains as I don’t have much in the way of powerlifting equipment.

Anthony was instantly reassuring; he had a plan which would keep me going until the gym re-opened. I have just finished competing as a kettlebell spot athlete, so I do have a number of kettlebells, a pull up bar and some bands. I sent a photograph of the equipment I had at home and received a program in return. 

A new challenge....
The program is great, I don’t have the skills to program myself, so this keeps me on track, maintaining strength and movement patterns. I have even been given a new challenge; I’ll be doing pull ups when I return (if I can reach the bar)!  The plan gives me an incentive to train, it’s easy to drift when routines change and there isn’t a gym to go to. I talk to Anthony once a week, but I can ask questions anytime. The program has clear instructions, but if I am not sure about an exercise, he will send a video with a very clear demonstration.


My emotional wellbeing...
The support for my emotional wellbeing has been outstanding, it makes the coaching from M10 stand out from other gyms. Alongside my program I also received a chart asking about nutrition, sleep, stress, energy and other wellbeing indicators.  My personal and professional circumstances have been very challenging over the past six weeks. I often have to spend lengths of time in isolation to protect a vulnerable family member when I am working so the chart is useful for tracking my ups and downs.  

A huge thank you...
Anthony checks in with me regularly and goes out of his way to make me laugh during catch ups and training videos, he even sent me a music video to make me smile on a Saturday night when he knew I am was in isolation (above and beyond the call of duty!). The Facebook page is full of advice, humour and banter, things we all value in the gym.  I can honestly say that M10 has brought me through one of the most challenging situations I have ever faced.

A few words from M10 coach, Anthony.....

m10 coach Anthony Barnes

"With being a key worker in a very high stress role and balancing family commitments, Chris had every reason to let this lockdown win. However, never one to back down she has really risen to the challenge over the last 3 months and adapted to training at home fantastically. I’ve set the goal of a set of 5 pull ups when we return to the gym and I’m happy to report she is well on track. Really proud of the consistency and diligence displayed throughout this trying time."

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