Trapped within her own self-limiting beliefs, Dace found herself in a bad place with her nutrition and training. On top of that, like many others experienced, she was faced with the frustrations of the third lockdown.
She decided to join the Next Level Body Challenge in February to give her some extra accountability and support from a community to get through lockdown.
Dace completed the 8 week challenge under the guidance of M10 coach, Jewade Graham and they continued to work together to get ready for her first transformation photoshoot. Dace has lost 17kg in 12 weeks.

It never was just about the weight...
“To be honest I don’t actually have any idea how much body fat or weight I lost . It's always been about how energized, positive,strong minded a person I became. That feeling in your belly butterflies and that fire in your heart when you accomplish something you never thought you will and I did unbelievable.”

m10 client Dace transformation
A big mindset shift...
“Working with Jewade helped me to believe in myself more and my mindset is next level. Sometimes I scare myself because I feel like I am a completely different person.”

It is OK to ask for help...
"I learnt from my time with Jewade how important it is to ask for help when needed and not to  be scared about it. I'm not doubting myself anymore and I believe I can do a lot more than I thought I could.I honestly can’t thank Jewade enough for his efforts and guidance. I am forever grateful to him. He is my HERO COACH."

m10 client Dace transformation
What happens next?...
"Honestly, the most difficult part is actually coming out from photoshoot prep and getting back to normality. That’s when work starts and that’s even more important than photoshoot prep because I do not want to lose all the hard work I put into it. What scares me the most is going to back old ways .But that’s why I need my coach in this crucial time."

A few words from Coach Jewade…
"Dace has shown that there are no time constraints when it comes to a complete physical and mental transformation. What she achieved in 12 weeks goes beyond photographs and seeing her shed her limiting beliefs and self-doubts was not only amazing to be a part of but has allowed her to become the person she now is today. Losing 17kg along the way and taking part in her very first photoshoot was just the icing on the cake. Well done Dace."

m10 client Dace transformation

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