Danah had been going to the gym for a few months and was making great progress from a strength, fitness and confidence standpoint. When lockdown was announced she was concerned that her progress would stall, and that the support she receives from her coach would suffer. 

However, M10 coach, Rich quickly adapted Danah’s programme by providing her with a variety of indoor and outdoor workouts, as well as daily support to make sure that she keeps on track with her goals and doesn’t let lockdown set her back.

Danah said: “I’ve been going to M10 for 4 months prior to the lockdown, I was getting stronger and fitter, and was definitely enjoying my workouts at the gym. But when lockdown happened, I was so worried I’d lose all my progress, also I was concerned that I wouldn’t be getting the same quality of support from Rich as before.

What made the biggest difference….

I was impressed with how quickly Rich adapted to the situation by creating a detailed and personalised programme that suited me, providing me with a variety of indoor and outdoor workouts, and daily check-ins which made a world of difference for me.

Danah online coaching client m10

Lockdown has given me the opportunity...

It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on my day, set goals and realise where I should improve. M10 isn’t just a fitness journey, it was an opportunity to gain knowledge and mental strength."

An example of Danah's home workouts...

4 Sets of 15 Reps 

  1. Laying Banded Leg Curls (moving position in correlation with fatigue) 
  2. Seated Banded Rows (using feet as anchor) 
  3. Banded Glute Bridges (using sofa for back support) 
  4. Banded Cage Shoulder Press (standing inside band) 
  5. Banded Heel Elevated Squats (using books to elevate heels)  

A few words from M10 coach, Rich.....

"Danah has been prescribed as many exercises as we could that carry straight over from her programme at the gym to give her confidence in executing the exercises because she already knows how to perform then. For example, a prone leg curl can now be executed using just a band as resistance rather than a machine. For any exercises that we couldn't match, appropriate exercises have been selected, in order to work the same muscle group, and then taken time to coach in detail over a video call.   

m10 personal trainer online coach Rich

Danah has grown over the last 7 months but this time in isolation has really shown that. It could’ve been the case that she let lockdown set her back but she has taken the leap and moved forwards massively.
The quote ‘you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option’ describes Danah perfectly. I know that she feared lockdown. What we’ve done is to show her how strong she is which has given her so much confidence in herself and her own ability – she’s living a fuller life than before.  She’s kept on track with her goals and her nutrition, exercise adherence and energy levels are better than ever! Her showing mental strength in this situation even though she feared it."

Would you like to stay on track with your health and fitness goals during lockdown?

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