Do you blame middle age for an increase in weight?

Here's an awesome set of results and write up from M10 Coach Adam Peberdy

During this period of life, women generally become less active and go through various hormonal changes. 

Add these together and you have the perfect recipe for weight gain. However it doesn’t have to be that case. 

Many women blame hormonal changes, children, having no time and stress as the reason that they gain body fat. However it’s mainly down to being less focused on regular training, and being less consistent with a clean and healthy diet. 

Jackie is an inspiration to women in their 40’s, showcasing that there really is no limitation to getting what you truly want from your body shape.

From a coaching perspective, I set up a series of new habits for her to follow on a day-to-day basis. This included walks to increase her daily energy expenditure, and a new eating plan for her to follow. 

It’s worth pointing out that Jackie has also maintained her social life throughout this process. She has the odd glass of wine with her husband and friends, but is now more disciplined than ever. 
She’s in full control on her eating, her training and her lifestyle. 

It’s never too late to get started. Yes you will have to accept a degree of change, but when that change delivers results like this, why wouldn’t you? 

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