Emma Faulkner


My motivation for joining the Body Composition training course was that health and fitness wise I got myself into a rut. I used to try to get to the gym regularly, but didn't really enjoy it, I started attending classes and found them so much more rewarding. However when my gym stopped running the class I liked I was sort of back to square one.


I wasn't massively overweight but was used to being a toned size 8 and after a few months size 10s were becoming far too tight and I just felt fat. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but when you're used to being a certain size it's depressing moving up nearly two. My diet was all over place and I felt stressed and anxious most of the time. My sleep patterns and digestive system were also very erratic.

I didn't know what to expect with the training at M10 but I loved it. The classes and the guys are so motivating and you can literally feel a difference in yourself after the 1st workout. The 14 day fat loss program is tough at first but after the first week, I felt better than I had in months, I was more relaxed, sleeping better, less stressed and my concentration span had dramatically improved.

After the first 14 days I managed to loose 5.1% body fat and 3kgs in weight. I know the 3kg doesn't sound like a lot, but my body shape had changed so much, I could get back in my size 8 jeans and was so much more toned.

It just goes to show that loosing weight isn't the priority it's the fat on your body that defines your shape.

I'm looking forward to working on areas that I never thought I could tone up, and can't wait to see how I look "not weigh" at the end of the 6 week program.


August 2010

To date on the Body Composition training course (4 weeks in) Emma has lost 6.2% Body fat, 6.6 lbs in weight and gained 3 lbs of lean muscle mass

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