Esther decided she needed to seek help from a personal trainer, after she changed job, quit smoking and put on nearly 2 stones from over indulging in food to compensate for the lack of nicotine.
Over the last 14 weeks, she has made fantastic progress under the guidance of M10 coach, Lee Owen – losing 10kg and 29cm around her waist and hips. Not only that, she has also improved her posture and strength which has helped her to recover from a lower back injury.

Esther said: “I decided that I needed a personal trainer due to a few things that happened over several years. Firstly I started to suffer from back pain that eventually developed into an injury. This stopped me from running as often as I would like to. While still conscious of my back pain, I tried spinning classes, but many times I was unable to fit them around my work rota. Other times classes were fully booked and ultimately, I was just not motivated by the environment. I have also tried low calorie diets, which were always a horrible failure, plus I never felt motivated.  

I Started A New Job And Quit Smoking...
Then, I changed my waitressing job for a job in an IT company in an office with close to no physical activity. Ultimately, I quit smoking last year and overindulged in food to compensate for the lack of nicotine. All these factors added almost 2 stones to my normal weight and about 3 dress sizes. I needed professional help to get over the back pain and to be able to train again, as just going to the physio was not enough.
I knew Lee from a previous job and, by coincidence, I found out that he was the personal trainer of a colleague from work, who I could see was going through an incredible physical transformation. I asked her about the training programme and she encouraged me to drop Lee a text, and so I did.   

My Results In Numbers....
Whilst training with Lee over the last 14 weeks, I have achieved my goal which was to get back my body to where I was – losing 10kg in the process! I have gone back to running and now I can run 8 miles twice a week. I might focus on extending that, and maybe running the Robin Hood marathon in October, but I haven’t decided that yet.  I will not push myself any to any limit. I just want to maintain this.
esther transformation

esther transformation
The thing that has changed the most since training at M10 is my opinion about weight lifting and cardio. Before M10 I never did weights, to me that was something just for fitness beasts and bodybuilding professionals. Since I have been at M10, I have been doing weights and not only has this made the fat loss quicker, but it has also helped to correct my posture and given me strength. My lower back pain has almost disappeared and I feel my legs stronger when running and no pain on my knees at all.  
I've Learned The Main Focus Needs To Be Weights...
During my time training with Lee, I have learnt that I need to eat a lot more than I thought. I have also learnt that cardio is a good addition, but it cannot be the centre of my training sessions.  The main focus needs to be weights, building muscle which will help to improve cardio performance and dramatically change the shape of my body. I really enjoy coming to M10 - the environment at the gym is great. All Personal Trainers are so friendly and approachable, plus it is not a busy gym, you don’t need to queue for the machines. Sometimes, when in use, people will allow you to use them between their sets.
The best advice I could give anyone who wants to get in shape is to get in touch with Lee. It is doable and its addictive (and you don’t need to give up all the things that you enjoy! I still go out with friends on weekends and drink alcohol, its not a boredom path)."

Take some time to watch the below video as Esther shares her story so far at M10

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