Female Body Transformation

5% drop in body fat, 9 lb weight loss, zero muscle loss, and the result, a complete body transformation When Sara started training with me, her goal like most people was to lose weight and feel better. I explained to her that I don't train my clients just for weight loss, I actually help them transform their bodies into something they are proud of when they look in the mirror. This goes deeper than just weight loss.




There are too many people that focus on losing "scale weight", but when they do lose the pounds, they are no happier with the end product than when they started. Saggy arms, weak stomach muslces and out of shape legs, is often the result of too much cardio(running, spinning etc) and long term low calorie diets. Most of the weight loss in this case comes from vital muscle and not fat. This can leave people with alot of stubborn body fat and that all too familiar "gaunt" look.

At M10 Fitness I focus on body composition training which places the emphasis on losing body fat whilst maintaining your lean muslce or gaining muscle mass.

Throughout Sara's training, she maintained a lean muscle mass of 44 kg which means the 9 lbs weight she lost was all fat. To get in this shape she followed a structured nutrition and supplementation program, made lifestlye changes, and followed a personalised resistance training program at least 4 times per week.

The results of using my system as you can see, is a lean, fit and healthy body.

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