Female Fat Loss - Summer time Shape up

Does this sound familiar? Too many late nights, overindulging in poor food choices and alcohol, feeling tired all the time, poor skin/hair, excess body fat and a lack of self confidence with your body?

Like many women that come to see me, these are just some of the complaints I hear. There are so many women that are embarrassed by their bodies; they try all sorts of diets before they finally get fed up and make the call to M10 for help.

As women get older they seem to fall into the common trap of rapid ageing and body fat gain. Little do they know that with the correct nutritional habits, modifications in lifestyle and a structured training programme, they could turn the clock back and enjoy youthful health and the body of their dreams.

So when the particular client in the images below came to see me and I explained that her body could literally be transformed in a matter of weeks, she jumped at the chance to see what she could achieve.

So we put together the right program for her, coached her through the whole system and here are her results.



13 lbs weight loss, 7% body fat loss and zero muscle loss in 7 weeks.
(without even seeing her face you can tell how much younger she looks)


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