Starting out with no home fitness equipment at all, Finn was sceptical about transitioning from 1-2-1 personal training to online coaching and having to workout at home.  
She thrives off routine and having regular interaction with people, so when lockdown was announced, she was concerned that home workouts may not be suited to her.
However, with the guidance of M10 coach, Jack Haigh, Finn has found online coaching both empowering and therapeutic during a time of such uncertainty.  She has been able to stay on track with her fitness goals as well as working together to improve health factors such as stress management, sleep and nutrition.
Finn said “I started out with no home fitness equipment whatsoever (and had no idea where to begin acquiring what I needed), but Jack reassured me that we could utilise whatever I had to hand, meaning that I could begin training right away without huge expense. He and I talked through ways in which we could adapt household items, basic resistance bands and a single dumbbell – from here, Jack has so far devised a thorough and challenging 5 day split program which is regularly updated. 

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How we now keep in touch….
I was initially also concerned about keeping in regular contact, since I work long and often antisocial hours: Jack has kept in touch daily around my schedule, and has answered the thousands of questions I have with thoughtfulness and good humour. We have weekly Zoom meetings and an online diary, which we both edit regularly.  
How I’ve adapted to home workouts….
Jack has also developed a series of YouTube videos, demonstrating all of the exercises in the plan alongside detailed science-based explanations. Alongside a tailored workout plan, these videos were distributed within one day of moving our sessions online meaning our training didn’t lose momentum for a second.
Nothing is lost when transitioning to online coaching...
I have felt entirely supported throughout the process; in particular, the sense of consistency in such a chaotic time has been therapeutic. I really must emphasise that nothing is lost when transitioning to online coaching – the medium through which it is delivered of course has to adapt but the intensity, the attention to detail and the goalposts do not move.
Online coaching is empowering….
I have found the process of online coaching profoundly empowering – it can be difficult to get away from the mindset of relying on gym equipment, and so far I have gained a great deal of confidence in challenging my body with the tools I have. I feel as though I have a much better grasp of concepts like the mind-muscle connection, which I can bring back into the gym with me.
We have also been able to focus on health during lockdown….
Jack has emphasised the need to work on additional pillars of health such as quality sleep, nutrition and stress management; these are skills that will only serve to improve my progress and training when we return to face-to-face sessions. From this guidance my stress management has certainly improved, and I can feel the benefits of this in my training and wider life.
I’m still achieving results….
Though many people have said it isn’t possible, I have actually gained muscle mass since working out from home, and have seen my strength improve - I certainly did not expect to hit PBs! Whilst the process has involved some lateral thinking, Jack has not once let goals or motivation slide. He has perfected the art of knowing when to push hard, and when to embrace flexibility.

m10 coach jack Haigh
Jack is hugely knowledgeable and I respect his evidence-based attitude; he clearly cares a great deal about his individual clients, since he pays close and holistic attention to all measures of health and wellbeing. He is flexible and relentlessly positive, and I recommend him as a coach without hesitation.
A few words from M10 coach, Jack.....
M10 coach, Jack Haigh said “Finn's programme has mostly changed in the training techniques we use. Where, at our gym sessions, load was once a main progressive factor, we had to consider that she'd be in less stable environments now (free weights and bands rather than machine-based exercises) and therefore load would have to take a slight reduction for the moment whilst these movement patterns were built upon. 

There are similarities in the programmes too, as we still use super-sets and intention-based training. In this case not just as a utilisation of time but to also get the most out of a muscle group by increasing intensity. 

These workouts have still yielded fantastic results for Finn, not only in a hypertrophic realm but also in supporting her psychology around exercise, reducing her stress and keeping her within a healthy and happy routine."


Would you like to stay on track with your health and fitness goals during lockdown?

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