Hazel Hook

After announcing in 2008 to the world and his wife that I intended running the Great North Run half marathon in September 2009 I duly forgot all about it until it dawned on me in July that I had left myself only three months to train. Panic set in and I set about finding someone to run with, ideally someone who would kick me out of bed and run alongside me.

Hazel Hook great north run and m10 fitness

Hazel Hook

I now realise that had I found this person it would have been an accident waiting to happen – instead I found Mark Coles at M10 who looked at the bigger picture and worked on building up my core strength whilst reducing Body Fat considerably. Working in the gym with Mark two or three times a week to build strength and improve posture meant that running distances could be increased at a steady and even pace, with his positive motivational skills providing the encouragement to enable me to complete scheduled training runs. On the days when it all seemed too difficult Mark’s motivational skills were put to the test, yet he never doubted that my personal goal could be achieved, even when at times I did!

I completed the run and absolutely know that Mark’s skills as a Personal Trainer enabled me to realise my goal. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and excellent system.

Hazel Hook September 2009

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