Hitting retirement head on

Looking through the M10 website you'll see that we've helped many people achieve goals way beyond their wildest dreams. The first time I met Bridget I could tell she was going to be the next person to join the list of our successful Body Transformations. She told me straight that she had a goal and she was going to hit it, she just needed the right tools to do the job!

There's no better person than Bridget herself to explain her journey so far and what she's got planned for 2012

As retirement loomed, I decided I needed to make a permanent change to my weight and body shape. Past experiences told me a slimming club was not the answer for me and an alternative was to introduce a fitness strand into my life. Whilst researching possibilities, a newspaper article written by Mark Coles caught my eye. I gave him a call and went into the gym for a chat and look round. The friendly atmosphere created by staff and clients immediately put me at my ease - important for a "not into sport" person like myself. I knew the nutrition aspect of the programme would not pose a problem for me and that the physical activity would be a new challenge. Little did I know how quickly it would all become a way of life.

Bridgettefront I began the programme in June 2011 and chose not to set initial targets but just to progress with the weight loss and see what happened with increasing fitness levels. After 2 months at M10 and a month's holiday in Australia, where I managed to continue with both the eating plan and workouts at a gym, I was determined that my goal would be to lose 3 dress sizes and 3 stone in weight. Marti, my personal trainer, said this was possible by the end of the year and to date (Nov. 2011) I have achieved the first and will manage the latter by the end of December.

On a practical level Marti has monitored my food diary weekly and sorted out what I was doing wrong when I hit a plateau in September, given advice on what I should do at home in between sessions to support the work we do at the gym, always provided answers to any questions and queries I had as well as ensuring my muscles are optimally stretched for the exercises I struggle with. But she has provided so much more than that, her encouragement has been amazing and she has believed in me and what I could achieve when I didn't have the self-confidence to even believe in myself. I cannot thank her enough.

There never seemed much point when I was a large size 18 but now I am a more shapely size 12 

The changes in my life are various. My childminding duties 3 days a week would have been a real strain if I had not lost the weight and increased my strength and fitness levels. My balance has improved and I no longer need to hold on to 2 banisters when I walk up and down stairs. Supermarket shopping is so much quicker and easier because I only buy the food that the programme allows. This leaves longer to shop for new clothes!! I had never bothered much about this previously because there never seemed much point when I was a large size 18 but now I am a more shapely size 12 I enjoy finding figure hugging items including jeans that I had not worn since before my eldest daughter was born 27 years ago.


And as for the future: I bought a card for my younger daughter as she set off round the world on a gap year that said "The world is your oyster" - this is now how I perceive things for me - anything and everything is achievable including the Coast to Coast Walk I plan to complete in 2012.

Attending M10 has helped me understand that opportunities arise and doors open - so, as my 60th birthday is just round the corner - I will grab those opportunities and will be fit enough to enjoy every last one of them.

Bridget Fairbairn


11.8% body fat loss

36 lbs weight loss

To date!

Watch this space!

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