It's never too late to start

Like many women I meet, they all think they've left it too late to start a programme to change their body shape. Just from my experience, many women think like this becuase they know it's going to require effort and discipline to change. You still think it's so much easier to follow a low calorie diet off the book shelf. Every woman I meet who followed this approach, is never satisfied with how their body looks, especially when they stand in front of the mirror with no clothes on.

I can always tell if a client if going to commit to our programme, and I could tell right from the start that Nikki was going to do well. She has stuck to the programme through the whole 12 weeks, and has worked very hard in the gym along side her coach Rob Buckler. 

Through the 12 week programme, Nikki lost 5 kg in weight and just over 7% body fat. Once again this should tell you ladies that it's not all about weight. I'm sure you will all agree with me that she looks completely different, from every angle. 

Nikki had also been suffering from hot flushes for quite a while. She was using medication but finding very little relief from them. She made a choice half way through the programme to come off the medication and to continue following a suplementation plan laid out by her coach Rob. Within a short period of time, her hot flushes had dissapeeared and she has not had one since. So not only has Nikki completely changed her body shape, but her health profile has dramtically improved alongside it. 

Congratulations Nikki and her coach Rob 

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