Jane Kelly

Due to a number of food allergies I have struggled with my weight over the last few years. This on top of my very stressful job meant I work long hours away from home, which left me no time to focus on training or my diet. I was totally in a rut, I was a stone over weight, not sleeping properly and struggled to get through my working day because I just felt mentally and physically drained.

I decided that if I wanted the maximum impact possible then I needed to turn to a professional, so I turned to Mark!

On my first few sessions with Mark we covered the main areas of my nutrition and he highlighted that while I had allergies to many foods I was not replenishing my body with the missing supplements, something so simple but something which had not dawned on me in the last 7 years.

Mark put me on a food and supplement plan and within a very short time I had lost 5 pounds. Wow I though this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be but then next came the training! Mark introduced me to fine art of training with kettle bells and promised me that in a few short weeks I would be able to train with free weights that I couldn’t even pick up……”yer right I thought like that’s going to happen!” But again Mark was true to his word and now not only am I ‘chucking’ round the weights he promised I could do more, but shhhh don’t tell him or he will up the weights!

I decided to invest in a set of kettle bells and dumbbells which enables me now to train 3 to 4 times a week, which has now become so part of my lifestyle I would be lost without it. Within 4 short months I have lost 13 pounds, I have dropped from a tight size 12 to a very trim size 8 and lost a large percentage of my body fat.

The many additional effects Mark promised and has more than delivered are that my stress levels have dramatically reduced, my skin is looking healthy & fresh and my sleeping patterns have dramatically changed. I now have no problems sleeping 8 hours without waking 2 or 3 times in the night and for the first time for as long as I can remember my body does not physically hurt, well only after a training session but that’s a good hurt!

In addition the effect that I never expected and which was an amazing surprise is the effect on my menstrual cycle. I have always suffered very heavy and painful periods, something that I just put up with over the years but not now; I cannot believe how in just 4 months these have changed so much. The heaviness has gone and while I get some pain this is now very manageable.

I would wholly recommend Mark for anyone who is wants to make that amazing lifestyle change and who wants to feel and look great!

Weight loss – 13 lbs and a drop of 6% body fat

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