Initially, Jane lacked the confidence to walk into M10 as she felt she was too old to be taken seriously in the gym. Having struggled to achieve results using various gym programmes and diets in the past, she knew that she needed a personal trainer to help take her results to the next level.

With the goal of being fit, healthy and making her grandchildren proud, she started working with M10 coach, Anthony Barnes and achieved some seriously impressive results.

She said: “I needed a personal trainer as I like to have structure in my training that leads to me achieving agreed goals. I came across M10 after doing some research online and felt that they were the next step up. Having a personal trainer has pushed me to new levels and I have accomplished some fantastic results.

More doesn't mean better
In the past, I have used several gym programmes and although I did see improvements, I always wanted something more. I have also tried many diets, some of which have been very restrictive but unsustainable.  I’m a foodie and all my social occasions revolve around food, so I therefore found it difficult to balance diet and training. Everything was overly complicated when instead I needed to go back to basics. I used to train a lot, thinking more was better.

Jane m10 client transformation

Age is just a number...
My current goals are to be fit and healthy for as long as possible. I think that age is just a number and it should not be a barrier. I enjoy the training and definitely want to continue getting stronger. I want to make my children and grandchildren proud whilst trying to look and feel good in the process.

The results I've achieved...
My confidence has definitely grown since training at M10. I no longer feel that I am too old to be taken seriously in a gym environment. I feel more enthusiastic, energetic and am enjoying seeing the results. I have dropped three dress sizes, lost 8.5kg and 8 inches from my waist!!

jane's client story and transformation m10 personal training

jane's client story and transformation m10 personal training

I have also learnt how to train efficiently, and I am more aware of the importance of correct technique. I have seen a vast improvement in my posture in everyday activities.

Holistic approach to health and fitness...
During my time training with Anthony, I’ve learned to trust the process. I appreciate the importance of other lifestyle factors outside the gym and how these can help me to achieve my goals, such as sleep, nutrition and training. I enjoy learning from my trainer who has lots of knowledge and enthusiasm. I can ask him anything and he will not make me feel stupid. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he is constantly pushing me in the gym, and he stays in contact with me when I need extra support.

If you want to change then just go for it, what have you got to lose? Don’t put yourself in a certain box and believe that you cannot achieve what you want to. Health is the most important thing to both you and your family. It is not just the outward appearance that improves, it is the inward as well.”

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