June Rowlands

June Rowlands


I came to M10 with one simple goal : to be a “perfect 10” again. I wanted to change my size and shape – what I didn’t expect was that with Mark’s help I’d achieve much more than I’d bargained for...

If asked, I know Mark would say the “new me” is the result of my own hard work and determination, because he tells me so at least once a week. Modesty has never been one of my virtues so I’m happy to take some of the credit but the truth is I have the best teacher around. “Trainer” doesn’t begin to describe Mark – his knowledge, expertise and passion for what he does are inspirational and his support, encouragement and occasional bullying have changed my life.

Along the way, there’ve been times when I wished I’d just opted for Weightwatchers, magic knickers or maybe even liposuction (usually around 40 minutes into a training session!) and days when I never wanted to see, let alone eat, another mouthful of spinach or curly kale. But hey, what’s a bit of pain and chocolate-deprivation when you see the body fat disappear week by week, sleep soundly and wake up raring to go, not to mention all the compliments from friends, colleagues and even total strangers?

Confidence – sparkle – joie de vivre – call it what you like, I’ve got more now than I’ve ever had. Ten years younger doesn’t even come close; and Gok Wan, eat your heart out – you should see the photo shoot pictures we DIDN’T use on this site!

I’m still out of my comfort zone with some of the things I do in the gym – the difference is these days I don’t approach new challenges Mark sets me expecting to fail. Where once it was “I can’t”, it’s now “Maybe I can” – and eventually I usually do...

Will I stick to the M10 lifestyle? You bet... Would I recommend it? Do you really need to ask?!

Of course, there’s good news and bad news... The bad news is I’ve still got a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit because I’m not a “perfect 10”. And the good news? They’re all way too big, because I’m now a “great 8” – how’s that for an excuse to hit the shops?!

June Rowlands

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