Diagnosed with being menopausal 3 years ago left Karen feeling “old” as she was seeing a lot of changes in her body that she didn’t like.

As a nutritionist herself, Karen knows the importance of eating a balanced diet for health and body composition. However she found it extremely hard to lose the weight she gained on her own. She kept starting something but when she didn’t see the results she wanted in 3 to 4 weeks she would stop and try something else.

Determined to not just accept the changes, Karen started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi in December 2020.

Karen results for M10

Physically and mentally stronger...

"I am so happy with how my body has changed, I’ve dropped 7kg in weight and numerous inches all over, but again more importantly my sleep has improved, my energy levels are through the roof day in day out. This journey has not been just about looking good, I wanted to feel good as well - which I do!  Not only am I physically stronger, more importantly to me I’ve become mentally stronger."

Karen results for M10

Turning challenges into advantages...

"The hardest part was going through lockdown, like most people with families I had to home school, run a business from home and now fit in training and meal prepping.  However, I used this time at home to my advantage. I created time in my day which I thought wasn’t possible to complete my training, prep my meals.  So even though it was hard initially I actually used it to my advantage to build solid foundations for when we came out of lockdown."

Karen results for M10Karen results for M10

Anything is possible..

"Age is just a number and anyone can have the body they desire, it only takes a moment to decide to make a change and then commit to yourself to do it. I feel amazing. I can’t quite believe I’ve done this and I'm so proud of myself. Thank you so much Stan, I couldn’t have done this without your help. I’ve really felt fully supported throughout these last few months and especially these last couple of weeks. We will continue now and just get better."

A few words from Coach Stan...

"I absolutely loved working with Karen. You need to understand that she is not a competitor, she is not an athlete. She is a mum, daughter, friend, colleague.  But mainly she was not happy in her body and she decided to do something about it. Karen reached out to M10 and we started working together. Our main focus from the beginning was to establish new habits in her life which eventually improved her quality of life. From better digestion, sleep, energy levels and more. Karen felt the benefits of online coaching from the first days and day by day, week by week she was feeling better and better. About 6 months later Karen was feeling absolutely amazing. She lost 7 kg of her body weight, about 12cm from her waist and 10 cm from her hips. We  had a chat about  how it would be amazing to celebrate her achievement with a professional photoshoot because she always wanted to do something like that but was never confident to do it. And as you can see from the final photos she looked absolutely stunning! I’m so proud of you Karen, well done!"

Karen results for M10Karen results for M10

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