Kathryn Knight

Six years ago I went to Mark Coles with one question - 'can you make a difference?'.

Without hesitation, he replied 'Yes - absolutely'.

Then, I was an unhappy, unfit, overweight, size 16 mother of three who had reached the point of either live with it or do something about it! After my first consultation with Mark, I chose the latter.

The next few months took me on a life-changing journey, evident not only in my reduced dress size - I actually managed to wear a size 6 for the first time in 15 years! - but in my ever growing levels of self confidence, giving me a whole new purpose, enthusiasm and drive to be 'me', and moreover, to realise and be in control of who 'me' was. In a matter of weeks I went from an occasional visit to the gym - more of an excuse for coffee and a chat with a friend - to training twice a week with Mark and two or three times a week on my own! No longer a chore, I couldn't wait for my next training session.

Six years on, that still hasn't changed. Mark's regime is not just a quick fix, but truly a lifestyle makeover that has lasting results. His consistent, (or should I say persistent?!) direct honesty, his positivity and encouragement as well as his ultimate passion and dedication for what he does, makes Mark Coles the ultimate professional. He has a unique gift to be able to observe and read each of his clients in a way that enables him to adapt both his training and lifestyle advice accordingly, making it as individual as the client themselves.

Today, a slightly 'softer' size 8-10, I feel fitter stronger, healthier and more positive than ever. As well as being thrilled with my own lasting results achieved from working with Mark, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have benefited from his own journey to achieve excellence in what he does. Mark constantly challenges and widens his own fields of expertise, researching and taking on board all of the ever evolving training techniques available. By pushing his own limits, Mark absolutely knows how far you are capable of pushing your own - sometimes it's much further than you think!

Kathryn Knight

15th December 2009

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