Kelly was on a personal journey to rediscover herself. Due to a previous back injury and continuous treatment she hadn’t exercised properly for the past 2 years, as she didn’t feel confident enough to train her upper body.

After injuring her back, Kelly’s mental health took a massive hit, as training is not only her job, but also her passion and her livelihood. The injury left her with low self confidence and feeling inadequate when running her business (as a coach).

Kelly did not only completed the NEXT LEVEL BODY CHALLENGE under the guidance of M10 coach Jewade Graham but was crowned the female winner after 8 weeks!!!! She lost 4kg and 5cm from her waist in the process but the numbers were only one part of her transformation.

At week 4 of the transformation journey, her confidence had sky-rocketed, so she decided to set a new goal and aim for a photoshoot at the end of the challenge.

It was about getting back to what she loved doing...

"I hadn’t exercised properly for a long time (I had just been ticking over I suppose you could say) due to the back injury. Because of this my mental health took a massive hit as training is not only my job but also my passion and my livelihood as well. I was not confident in the way I looked anymore and this challenge felt like the right thing to get me back into a healthy mindset and a regular routine of exercise and good nutrition. "

The most rewarding part of the challenge was...

"The most rewarding part of this whole 8 week experience was the fact that I came out of it a completely different person than I was when I started it. I’m happier, more confident, I feel good about the way I look, I feel healthier from the inside out and I finally feel like me again. "

kelly's m10 next level body challenge transformation
Winning the challenge on top of it all was the icing on the cake...

"I couldn’t believe it! I felt overwhelmed, emotional and so proud that I cried. It was the icing on top of a cake. I didn’t do this process to win, it never once crossed my mind, I did it purely for myself and to learn a process that can better the service that we provide."

This was the toughest part of the challenge...

"The most challenging part of this process was definitely that final week, the lower calories and the lack of energy take it out right of you and it’s a chore to push through. "

kelly's m10 next level body challenge transformation

Coach Jewade was supportive, professional and provided that extra personal touch

"Jewade was great, he was supportive from the very start to even after the challenge had finished. He understood that I had some limitations and encouraged me to only do what I felt comfortable with but to ensure I pushed through barriers. I felt like he had that extra personal touch that should always be applied to a client, he would remember what we had spoken about from previous check in’s and you could tell he had taken the time to really process what you information you had provided and was very thorough in his follow ups. He was always only a message away with quick response. Very professional and a really nice guy."



kelly's m10 next level body challenge transformation  kelly's m10 next level body challenge transformation

A few words by Coach Jewade...

"Early on in the challenge Kelly disclosed to me that the main reason for her signing up was to rediscover herself. She had been through a difficult couple of years that had left her feeling inadequate when running her business (as a coach). She has suffered some ongoing treatment for her back that had left her not confident enough to train upper body for the past 2 years, affecting her mindset, confidence and business.

This is something that we needed to manage at times over the course of the 8 weeks, especially when the frequency and intensity of training increased. Overcoming that fear of training certain body parts and completing certain exercises that she was fearful of doing due to her previous injury experience was a major factor in her confidence growing over the weeks of the challenge.

She stuck to nutrition 100% despite being tempted by her 2 young children who had lots of snacks in the house. 

The biggest change I saw I Kelly was her mindset. I could see in her check ins how much happier she seemed within herself and also how the smile on her check in photos grew bigger each week. Watching her grow in confidence and break through barriers she had been carrying around for years was amazing to be a part of."

kelly's m10 next level body challenge transformation

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