Kim had made various attempts to change her body shape by creating workouts from plans she found on social media.
With limited success, she knew that she needed to hire a trainer – someone that she could be accountable to, who would offer her support from a mindset perspective as well as the right advice on diet and training.
After a successful growth period of 10 months, and under the guidance of M10 coach, Anthony Barnes, Kim undertook her own body transformation and lost 6.5kg in 16 weeks.

She said: “I used to try to piece together workouts I found online or on Instagram. The problem with this is I didn’t have set moves that I could progress and track my strength on. I also didn’t like cardio or tracking food so I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and accountability that comes with a trainer.
I saw pictures of other people achieving transformations and they had all used coaches, so I knew to get real changes I needed professional guidance. I searched trainers in Nottingham and found M10 online. I chose them over trainers at commercial gyms because I knew I needed diet and mindset advice as well as workouts.

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I’ve always loved food and lifting and still do, but I have learned how to make both more productive. Now, I try to think about food as something to fuel my performance at the gym, so I get to eat more of it! I eat more nutritious, whole foods now, whereas I used to eat a lot more processed food.

When I started with M10 I wanted to get “cut”. I wanted to be stronger, and to have more definition in my arms, abs, and legs. I also wanted to learn how to properly warm up and recover to maximize performance. And I wanted to be able to do 5 pull ups (check!).
kim transformation
Since training at M10, I think my confidence has improved. I was never ashamed or embarrassed about my body, but I hadn’t ever wanted to “show it off”. I wanted to post my “after” photos on Instagram, because of how proud I was of all my hard work and how strong my body looks and feels now.

I gained and lost a stone in a year. Both building muscle and then losing the weight had different challenges, but I am really happy with my decision to commit to my fitness goals. My body fat has gone down and I have definitely gained muscle in all parts of my body. I am lifting way heavier and I can whip out a pull up whenever I like now! I think I have also learned the commitment this takes, and how to scale my expectations of my performance and appearance based on what else I have going on in my life and where fitness falls in my priorities.
kim transformation
The diet has been so challenging. I love going to the gym (ok, maybe not EVERY single day) because it makes me feel so good, but during the muscle building phase I found it challenging to eat all the food I needed to gain. Then it was really challenging to eat less; tracking everything, considering the macronutrients of what I was eating, and of course missing instant gratification (a slice of cake) for the long-term reward. It was hard, and I made that clear to Anthony, so he did everything he could to make the experience enjoyable for me.

I have learned how important rest and recovery is. I have WAY better form at the gym now, and I know where I am meant to feel each lift. I have learned what it takes to lose weight, and how influential stress is in all aspects of your life.

It’s totally possible for anyone that is ready to put the work in and make sacrifices. It isn’t the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do, but it definitely isn’t easy and the process only works if you do. Also make sure to dwell on the wins and remind yourself of them anytime you get frustrated. Good things are happening at every stage in the process, so just think about those and don’t let the challenges take all your attention.
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The thing I love about M10 is the community! The other trainers and clients at the gym are SO supportive. Plus, I know the workout I do with Anthony is going to be my best work of the week. You just can’t push yourself to up the weight or do those 5 extra reps without someone driving you to do your best. (well, maybe you can when you’re at the gym and debating if you should add another plate and think to yourself – “what would Anthony say??”. So, you add 2 more plates)!”

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