Attending Fitness Classes and Not Getting Results?

Are you attending group fitness classes and not getting the results you want?

This was the case for M10 client, Kim.  She had been going to the gym and attending group classes for years but without seeing any visible results.  Kim started training with M10 coach, Anthony Barnes, and has learnt more than just a different way of training.

She said: "I had been working out on my own for many years, never really feeling like I was making any progress with the weights I was lifting, and I certainly wasn't seeing results in my appearance. I have never been very organized in my approach at the gym as I used to piece together programs from what I saw on Instagram and attended group fitness classes when I wanted a little cardio. I have now learned that my previous approach wasn't working because I was not taking care of my body and properly nourishing myself after workouts.

I knew if I really wanted to see a change, I would need help from an expert. I came across M10 while searching for personal trainers in the area. I tried out other places, but I chose M10 because it has the whole package -- training, nutrition guidance, your mentality, and my coach, Anthony, makes himself so available that I feel I am getting help much more than just an hour a week.

I have always loved working out and M10 has only continued to help with that feeling. I am learning more exercises and gaining a better understanding of how to target certain muscle groups. Food has been slightly more complicated as I am still learning how to measure foods and find out what is best for me. I am excited that I have been able to eat more since joining M10, but it is better quality and more nutritious food.  I am more comfortable eating a lot of food (in my opinion) and I am learning the general idea of what we are aiming to do, so I do not have to follow an exact plan every day. I can eat what I like where ever I am, I just know what to aim for.

My initial goal is to build muscle and be more in control of my body. I want to look and feel strong, be able to life heavier weights, and have the option to adjust/add new goals as I move through my fitness journey.  I can already see more definition in my back and my weight has remained steady while adding a lot of food. I feel like I am leaning out, and I am excited to see the change I've noticed in my back, develop across the rest of my body!

The most challenging part of coming to M10 has been changing how I exercise. I am focusing on some smaller, more neglected muscles and not on my usual routines. But I came here for a change and I trust that results will come if I stay focused and dedicated.

During my time with Anthony, I’ve learnt that rest is key. I don't have to be in the gym everyday lifting heavier than ever. I have to recover so that my muscles can develop and so that I can be fully prepared to work hard when I am in the gym.  When I am in M10 I get to try new exercises, fine tune the moves, and ensure I am properly warmed up and focusing on the muscle we are aiming for. I love exercising and the personalised attention means I am doing what is most effective for me and my body. Also, all of the trainers are friendly and welcoming so it's a happy place to walk into - even if you're really lame and have a shopping trolley in tow!!"

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