Being a personal trainer herself, Krystle wanted to lead by example and get into the best shape of her life for an upcoming photoshoot.
In the past, she struggled to get the results that she wanted so she knew she needed someone to be accountable to. With less than 8 weeks until her photoshoot, Krystle started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi and over the course of the transformation process, she lost 9lbs and achieved this fantastic result.

Krystle said: “In the past I struggled to get the results I wanted because I didn’t have someone to be accountable to, and I knew that working with a coach from M10 I would get great results."

suz m10 transformation

Stan helped Krystal drop 9lbs...
"Stan got me into my best ever shape. I’ve had loads of comments on how I look so lean now and my confidence has skyrocketed because of it. I felt awesome the morning of my photoshoot and I feel super proud of myself.”

suz m10 transformation

Krystle enjoyed working with Stan...

“From our first call, he was so excited to work with me. His excitement gave me the belief that I could achieve it. He’s been absolutely fantastic and supported me throughout. He’s an amazing coach."

suz transformation m10

The most difficult part of the transformation process....

Sticking to the nutrition and doing all the cardio was tough. However, having a check in with Stan kept me accountable and I felt as if I’d be letting him down if I didn’t do what he had prescribed."

suz transformation m10

A few words from M10 coach, Stan...
"We had less than 8 weeks from the photoshoot and the most important thing was for me to be sure that she would be able to do it. After our first consultation I believed that we could do it together. It is definitely not for everybody but Krystle proved what you can achieve in a really short period of time with hard work and determination. Krystle did her best and her results do the talking. I'm really proud of her because it was definitely not easy."

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