Why Consistency is Key to Changing Your Body Shape

Leen was studying a master’s degree and had put on 15kg by eating junk food and living an unhealthy lifestyle.  She came to M10 with the goal of losing weight and changing her body shape in time for her graduation.

Read Leen’s story to find out how much weight and inches she’s lost, whilst training with M10 coach, Anthony Barnes

She said: “Last year was really stressful for me as I was doing a full-time master’s degree and I gained more than 15kg! Most of the time I was eating junk food and not doing any additional activity.

In the past I used to just do cardio.  It helped me to lose weight but not build muscle.  I would say that my body wasn’t particularly strong as I struggled to lift weights.  This negatively affected my body shape, so I decided to start doing resistance training and weights.

However, I didn’t have much prior experience in lifting weights and I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly and putting myself at the risk of an injury. So, I decided to hire a personal trainer to help me exercise in the right way without any risk of hurting myself.

M10 is well known and highly recommended by many people, especially in resistance training and weights, so it seemed like the perfect choice. I started training with Anthony and within 11 weeks I had lost 15kg and 9 inches from my waist. Not only that, I can see that I have gained muscle and have a better body shape. 

leen transformation 

The thing that has changed the most since I started training with Anthony at M10 is my strength – both physically and mentally. I have learnt a lot about my ability and how I can push myself to get the results I want.  I’m so happy with myself right now, I may want to lose more in the future and then aim to maintain my shape and keep living a healthy lifestyle.

The people I met along the way are really friendly and my personal trainer, Anthony always supports and encourages me to keep going. He always gives me positive energy and vibes and I’m really lucky to have him as my personal trainer.

Anthony said: "11 weeks wrapped up with Leen to get her ready for graduation. A 15kg drop was the goal and we delivered. Consistency over each week and sticking to the game plan is what got this result so well done Leen!"
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