Libby Smith - 8 Week Physique

So its done and dusted! 8 entire weeks of back to back training (56 sessions) & super strict nutrition - I made it!!!

What an experience it’s been, in this short space of time I've learnt so much about myself both physically & mentally you wouldn't believe.
I can only describe this experience as 'being given the cheats to skip levels on the Xbox'

The 8 week physique plan has provided me with the tools to take control of my body composition, drilled home the importance of food timings & macros, provided me with a rigid structure & pushed to me to my upmost limit. I've been taken to places I never thought I'd go, I've experienced every single emotion & learnt how to deal with it & push on through - as a result I've achieved a body composition that I didn't think was possible.

If you’re someone who seeks extraordinary results in a systematic manner, then 8 Week Physique will provide you with just that.


I'll be completely honest with you…its NOT easy. It takes some serious commitment & sacrifices, but in my opinion the results & experiences that I've been through have made it all 100% worth it.

Many thanks to Mark Coles for the positive encouragement & sound advice that he provided along my journey.

Here's my stats from the beginning to today…

Body fat: 17% - Now - 11% (6% drop)
Weight: 61kg - Now - 57kg (9 lbs loss)
Gained 0.5kg lean muscle

Waist: 28 inch - Now - 26.5 inch (1.5 inch loss)
Leg: 20.5 inch - Now - 19.5 inch (1 inch loss)
Bum - 38.5 inch - 36.8 inch (2 inch loss)
Chest/Back - 29 inch - 28.5 inch (0.5 inch loss)

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