Losing the "mummy tummy"

One of the most common complaints from post natal mums is the inability to shift the "mummy tummy".

The stress of child birth, the disruption of hormones and not to mention the lack of sleep often leave women with more than just a little extra body fat to worry about. Poor sleep affects stress levels which is associated with increased fat storage around the belly button. The stress hormone (Cortisol) also affects blood sugar levels which increases cravings and binge eating. Unless this vicious cycle is broken up, fat gain is inevitable.

Alison used to be able to control her body shape but it was starting to slip away from her. We address all the areas above when we work with a female client, this enables us to get results like you see below.

Alisons pictures are a classic example of the body composition work we do at M10. My article about body composition training vs weight loss explains the difference between losing scale weight and actually changing the composition of your body so it looks different. Lets face it, when you start your fat loss program, your goal is to look better naked right? How many people do you hear of that lose loads of weight but then look at themselves in the mirror and see that they don't look much different.

Here's an account of Alisons journey so far.

I have never had to worry about my figure even after having two children, but my circumstances changed and I found myself gradually gaining weight. I wasn't too unhappy at first as I was probably a little light anyway, but as soon as I started to look unsightly I decided things had to change.

I searched the Internet for a personal trainer in my local area as I knew I didn’t have the knowhow or motivation to do it alone, I instantly came across a M10, I made contact with them and received a call quite quickly. I made arrangements to have a consultation with Mark the following week and it all started from there.



My first session was with Mark and he covered nutrition and supplementation, I found this very interesting as I have a background in nutrition but I was not putting my knowledge into practice. I soon changed the way I was eating and felt the benefits very quickly. I was not the only one who felt better, my husband lost 11kilos in the 12 weeks I trained at M10. He is now a lot happier and is working on getting in better shape himself as he doesn’t want to be left behind.

Then came the actual training, this started with an assessment session with my trainer Luke. I have to say that even after that I hurt the following day! Luke is a great motivator and trainer and he gave me the confidence to achieve all that was thrown at me along the way. There were days when I wasn’t at my best and Luke soon adapted the sessions for me, they didn’t get any easier though! I never left the gym feeling that I hadn’t done enough or gained something from the hour.

Monday mornings are always the best for me as that’s when Luke does my body fat measurements, I can then see the actual results of all the hard work that both myself and Luke had put in. The M10 team are fantastic at what they do and the atmosphere is great. They put up with my banter and time stalling tactics to try and gain an extra minute or two rest! You have to give it your all and be self-motivated and disciplined enough to get the results that the team can get for you.



There were times when I skipped into training but left pretty slowly down the stairs due to the hard sessions. I have seen fantastic results to my physique and would never have achieved this on my own. I started with the intention of only completing the 12 week body transformation program, but after my holiday I will be returning to M10 to resume my training and set myself some new goals (watch this space!).

Alison's body composition results in 12 weeks

6% body fat loss, 3kg lean muscle mass gain, 1 kg weight loss.

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