How Lifting Weights Can Boost Your Confidence

Louise started training with M10 coach, Joe Duffy, in March and in 6 months has achieved some great results by losing 80lbs, but more importantly, she has transformed her mindset and confidence.
She said: "I had been following Slimming World since 2015 but with my weight fluctuating and getting no real results, I knew the diet plan wasn't personally working for me.
My boyfriend previously had personal training at M10 with amazing results and through researching the gym on social media I knew it would work well for me, but it took me a while to get through the door.
In the past I have tried personal training with other gyms, but I felt the people I trained with were not fully focused on their job role and had zero enthusiasm, which affected my approach to the gym.
When joining M10 I knew from the start that I was ready to give it everything, but I also knew that I needed someone to take me seriously and M10 was the perfect choice.
They took me on with no judgement at where I was at and made me work hard to become totally focused on the process. Everyone made me feel comfortable when I started but were also honest and pushed me to do better each week, something a gym environment had never given me before.

How lifting weights can boost your confidence
The biggest change, even though I have lost a lot of weight and gained strength, has been my mindset, and confidence – which was previously also my biggest barrier.
Joe's encouragement and will to get the best out of me has been priceless. He never doubted me or my abilities and pushed me harder every session. Joe has also taught me how to correctly fuel my body for fat loss, tailoring a high protein/high fat/low carb diet for me, which worked perfectly. I had always had a very high carb, mainly plant based diet which for me resulted in massive sugar cravings.
I was amazed at how easy it was to lose weight with the changes Joe made to my diet and I was still able to have carbs daily. The confidence and education I’ve gained from training at M10 is incomparable to any gym/bootcamp/exercise class out there.
I am only just beginning my transformation and I have a lot of work to still do, but I wouldn't have got this far in such a short space of time without the support and encouragement from Joe and the M10 team."
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