Louise is a busy working mother and has suffered from body dysmorphia for many years. She tried multiple training and diet plans, which included extreme dieting and over training without any success.

Determined to change and to invest in herself, Louise said to herself “Make it happen girl” and started working with M10 coach, Stan Didi, to undergo the transformation of her life.

 Louise m10 transformation

Louise’s turning point...
“Looking out the bus window mindlessly eating my full fat pastries, grab bag of crisps and full syrup flapjack (aka my daily breakfast) I overheard a cruel comment from some fellow passengers. Realising it was me they were talking about I suddenly saw my true reflection for the first time in a long time. 

Having suffered body dysmorphia for many years I'd kidded myself the trousers i was bursting out of were still a size 14 when in actual fact the 1 had long ago been replaced by a 2 and i was actually bursting out of a size 24.”

Meeting Stan…
“He was definitely the coach for me. He got me. He made me feel at ease with his friendly approach. And where there was once hunger in my eyes for full fat beige food there was now hunger for transformation. I knew it and he could sense it. The commitment to do this was there and we became a team. We worked together not only on the gym floor but with communication and mutual trust and respect.

louise m10 transformation

This was the key factor for success…
“Mindset, habits and routine were formed and became the building blocks to my transformation success. Consistency is the key to long term results.
I needed to learn balance. And that losing weight is an individual journey”

It has been a year since the journey started…
“One year later and 100lbs lighter, I'm stronger in mind and body, I'm no longer fearful of the mirror and my hunger for self improvement remains as firm as ever. I'm happier in body, mind and life as a whole. I'm so much more focused and driven to achieve. Thank you Stan for believing in my potential and helping me smash those goals. 

The best of the best…
“M10 is the best in the business. Let's see what else we can do... I'm an M10'er for life!

PS Hopefully I'll see those kids from the bus again some day... I'd love to say thank you” :)

A few words from Stan...
After a few minutes with Louise I knew this will not be about training or nutrition. She needs somebody who she can trust, who will be honest with her and show her that she can live a healthier and better life.

The reason why she couldn't change in the past was that she didn't have a sustainable plan. She went every time from extreme over dieting to extreme overeating. Even when we first met she wanted to train 6 times per week for 6 weeks and lose as much weight as possible. And that's how our journey started where I explained to her that this time we need to do it differently.

Louise is a great example of what you can achieve if you will put excuses to the side. She had 5 jobs, trained every morning at 5 am while her kids were sleeping. In one year she lost more than 100 lbs and is now a completely different woman.

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