Lynne felt frustrated as she thought she was training and eating healthy, but she wasn’t seeing the results that she wanted.
Looking for expert guidance, she started working with M10 coach, Jewade Graham and managed to lose 14kgs over 12 months.

m10 client Lynne transformation

The mindset around training and food was different before...
“I was a member of my local gym and tended to do spin classes and the odd strength training class but again not consistently.  I was following a predominantly paleo diet and avoided carbs but I think as a result of that I overate with unlimited portions, consumed too much fat and didn’t give my body the right fuel to work out properly, hence not achieving the results I wanted.”

How does training and nutrition look like now...
"Since working with Jewade I have been able to find balance in both my training and nutrition.  I have a training plan that I can achieve consistently and whilst it is challenging I don’t completely burn myself out in one really hard session like previous work outs I’d followed.  Combined with this is of course the nutritional guidance, which has shown me that I can eat carbs and still lose weight."

m10 client Lynne transformation

It’s more than losing 14kgs…
“Jewade has shown me the importance of not only focusing on scale weight but the other benefits, changes and achievements that come from training and balanced nutrition.

The changes in my nutrition have also helped me with my digestion issues, which in turn means that I can enjoy running without worrying about needing the loo!  My body shape has also noticeably changed.  Whilst I’ve noticed this in the way my clothes fit it wasn’t until Jewade sent me my before and after photographs that I really saw the difference.

I’ve gained more self-confidence and whilst I’m still on my journey and focussing on my long term health and fitness goals, Jewade has provided me with solid foundations to build on and continue working towards my goals.”

Here is to the next 12 months...
“In the past year I learned that I can achieve what I had previously thought was beyond my reach and that I am capable of continuing my journey, putting into practice the principles Jewade has shared with me.  Here’s to the next 12 months and all that I am going to achieve in that time.”

m10 client Lynne transformation

A few words from Coach Jewade...
“When Lynne and I started working together her goal was to lose weight, however upon deeper reflection it became apparent that more than weight loss was at play. Through consultation we pinpointed that her digestive function, her relationship with food and her mindset were the biggest obstacles keeping her from realising her goal.

The breakdown and modification of her diet allowed us to establish a baseline where she was feeling like herself again with little or no dysfunction. We were then able to focus on reframing the way she viewed certain foods, removing some of the self-imposed restrictions and allowing her to realise what she was truly capable of.

What you see now is more than 14kg weight loss. It is the result of patience, understanding and a trust in the process that meant over the last year we were able to create a lifestyle that is now sustainable regardless of the situation. Great job Lynne.”

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