Matching up to the 10 habits lean people do well

When I stared on this programme all I wanted to do was lose weight, after doing a Fat Club at work and being successful at this I soon put the weight back on. Then attending the gym and eating like a rabbit for three weeks solid, I found that nothing was happening. Therefore I became much more frustrated and wanted something that guaranteed results. I wanted my pre-college body back and approaching 30 it was time to make some changes.

Within the time at M10 I have reduced my body fat by 11.2% and increased my lean muscle mass by 5 kg. This is beyond what I thought would be possible, I have gone down three dress sizes and its been amazing not having to do the Special K diet post Christmas this year as I am now in control of what I eat and understand how it affects me.

As I have progressed I have moved the goal posts as I started to see what I could achieve and enjoy it more, it's become an important part of my life which has aided not only the weigh but my entire health, I haven't had any colds or flu, my work has become better through increased concentration and over all I am much healthier and happier.

When I first read the top 10 habits lean people do well, I didn't relate to many of the points at all, but over the course of time I have actually met all of them and believe that they are important to how I want to live my life.

1. Protein breakfast - very hard at the beginning, I loved cereal and milk and would often have it as a meal in the evening if I was short on time or late in from work. I chose cereal as my very first cheat meal, which was a complete waste and I haven't touched a bowl since. There was almost an instant difference in my concentration in the mornings starting the day like this.



2. Training is part of my life and not a chore - well there were some very testing times at the beginning, where I literally wanted to lay on the floor but now I love going to the gym, the changes you see in your body are motivating and makes you want to achieve more all the time I truly love it. It helped greatly when Lucas was able to adapt and change the plans quickly to stop me getting bored.

3. Vision of where to get to - at first I wanted to be thin, and didn’t like being referred to as lean, but as I started to build muscles and drop the body fat, the compliments started coming in and I gradually wanted more. Even now I want to achieve more, which is exciting when you know you can with the right help and guidance.

4. Food is important - this has been the best diet ever for me. I am eating more and as a result, I have found that my ability to concentrate has been more consistent. I don't have to worry about putting on weight or feeling hungry associated with other diets I have done.

5. Enjoy cooking - I do enjoy cooking have enjoyed creating recipes that involve clean foods. Tray bakes of roasted veg and turkey mince have been a favorite or prawns, chili lime and ginger.

6. Positive outlook on life - this has certainly grown since I have made the changes, there have been many positive things that have happened since I have started on the journey, which has been excellent.

7. Sleep 7-8 hours - since getting the food right and exercising I have slept much better which I am sure has helped with work and my health due to being less susceptible to colds.

8. Preparation of food - from the very start I had a detailed plan for the week, but its so much easier now I am in the swing of preparation, it's very quick to do whilst the dinner is on, 4-5 boxes a mix of salad then pre cooked meat, easy. I ensure that I spend time at the weekend marinating and freezing portion sized bits of meat. Although this sounds a lot of prep, it really isn't once you’re in the swing of it.

9. Being lean is a priority - at first I hated the term lean, I wanted to be called thin/slim, all the words that girls identify with but this is definitely what works for me. I have changed my outlook on being lean therefore making it my priority due to the health benefits it has given me. I love having more muscles, and being so much stronger.

10. Social environment that's conducive to how you want your body to look - perhaps the one I least identified with at the beginning, as I saw it as removing fun social things, which I wasn't ready to do.  But I have found it was about removing those that were not supportive of what I wanted to achieve, when this was done my the belly fat readings came down almost immediately, which again was excellent.

Overall my 30's are going to be amazing, which I wasn't sure of previously, I will be in the best shape of my life, I am having loads more fun only surrounding myself with positive supportive people and I am going to achieve all my ambitions in and outside the gym.

Some people have said it’s expensive but in comparison to what I used to spend on a night out, it's a much better investment of my money as the pay offs are far greater!!!

Big thank you to all of you

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