Before Nikki took part in the Next Level Body Challenge in February, she struggled to see results on her own as she would focus her efforts on cardio workouts and had a poor relationship with food. She got to the point where her weight became a problem and she wanted to push herself further.

Nikki joined the challenge and over the course of the 8 weeks Nikki lost 3kg and 18cm, under the guidance of M10 coach Rich Hill and went on to be crowned as the female winner. After the challenge she also completed her first photoshoot. But More importantly, Coach Rich helped her to gain a better understanding of nutrition and create an improved relationship with food

 M10 client Nikki transformation
The turning point…
“I love food and never really took into account what I was eating or putting into my body which got me to a point where my weight became a problem. I had no clue about what my body  would need to lose some of the excess fat and not even to mention the gym. I was clueless and always just ended up doing a short cardio session which got me nowhere. A year ago I decided to cut out sugar, bread and junk food from my diet and finally started getting somewhere with my weight loss. When I started seeing results, I felt that I needed a bit more of a push and more knowledge to get me to the next level.”

This did not work in the past...
“I have never really tried any of these "quick fix" diets or any diet but I have tried to focus more on my fitness and training. I was unsuccessful with this as I had no idea what I was doing in the gym and never had the confidence to complete a workout when too many other people were around. I would do a quick cardio session every 2nd or 3rd day and thought that it would be enough to keep the weight off from the high fat, high carb meals I was consuming.”

M10 client Nikki transformation

Slow progress is still progress and progress comes in many forms…
“My weight loss during the process was slower than I expected but coach Richard was amazing in assuring me that progress was still being made. My mindset changed from worrying about the scale to focusing on the things that I can control like the tempos during workouts to make sure that I gain more muscle definition and burn fat. In 8 weeks I lost 3kg, 7cm off my bust, 6cm off my waist and 5cm off my hips.”

M10 client Nikki transformation
The toughest part of the challenge…
“The most challenging part was giving up bread and cheese. I stuck to all the meals that I planned out for the week but the cravings were still there. It was also a bit of a struggle not to have the freedom of going somewhere to have a sit-down meal on the weekend which was something I did quite often after a long week of work.”

M10 client Nikki transformation
A changed lifestyle and mindset…
“Since working with coach Richard, I have a much better understanding of nutrition and a better relationship with food. He made me realise that carbs are not the enemy and that they should be a part of a healthy, balanced meal plan. 

My fitness levels have completely changed and I now plan my life around my training schedule. I love every part of training and cardio now which was a big struggle for me in the past. My cardio session started with a slow 30 minute walk on the treadmill and has now changed to a 7km outdoor run in an hour which I actually enjoy. The gym is a place that I actually love being at now as I have gained so much confidence during my 8 weeks.
M10 client Nikki transformation
What have I learnt during my time with coach Richard is that living a healthy life is fun and exciting. I got a much better understanding of nutrition and how macros work. I am a lot more aware of what I am eating and how it affects my nutrition and training. I love cooking and am finding it even more exciting to try new recipes that are still within my daily macros. I have learnt that french fries are not actually worth the calories and that a huge bowl of Greek yogurt, berries and natural peanut butter is a lot more satisfying. I have loved every bit of the challenge. It has been a complete lifestyle change. I am very excited to keep learning, growing and progressing.” 

A few words from Coach Richard...
I knew from the start that Nikki was able to win this challenge. It was just a case of helping her see the potential she had that she couldn’t see at the beginning.
Week by week with perseverance, her confidence was building every step of the way and she is now here having won the challenge and completed her first photoshoot. The weight drop may have not been dramatic but you can see from the photographs and the huge smile on Nikki’s face that it’s not just about how much weight you lose but how you look and how you feel! 
Great work from Nikki here and I’m excited to see what we will achieve in the future

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